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Nude Photos of ‘What Appear to Be Underage Girls’ Found in Jeffrey Epstein’s Mansion

Nude Photos of ‘What Appear to Be Underage Girls’ Found in Jeffrey Epstein’s Mansion

Police seized photographs of “what appear to be underage girls” from the New York mansion of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein as part of the renewed investigation into allegations he sexually exploited dozens of underage girls between 2002 and 2005, according to a Monday New York Times report.

According to the report, prosecutors announced the findings during a Monday press conference detailing the unsealed indictment that charged Epstein with sex trafficking. Prosecutors also made a plea with other potential victims of Epstein’s to come forward, promising to stand up for them in court.

“They deserve their day in court and we are proud to stand up for them by bringing this indictment,” said Geoffrey S. Berman, the United States attorney in Manhattan.

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In addition, One American News’ Jack Posobiec claimed in a tweet that Epstein’s lawyer has offered his client’s cooperation to prosecutors in exchange for a reduced sentence.

“Epstein will agree to cooperate with the investigation, including giving up the names of individuals that paid for activities with underage girls in exchange for a maximum sentence not to exceed 5 years,” Posobiec said.

According to the unsealed indictment, Epstein and his employees engaged in a sex trafficking scheme between 2002 and 2005 that brought underage girls New York mansion as well as his home in Palm Beach, FL. Once in his home, the girls were allegedly made to give nude massages to the billionaire while he performed sex acts on them. Epstein would pay the girls hundreds of dollars in cash, often urging them to recruit more girls for him to victimize.

“This conduct, as alleged, went on for years and involved dozens of young girls, some as young as 14,” Berman said.

A probable cause complaint urging Epstein be charged with unlawful sex with minors was filed by Palm Beach police in 2006. The complaint led a grand jury to indict him on solicitation of prostitution charges, to which Epstein pleaded not guilty.

Epstein eventually agreed to plead guilty to two charges of felony prostitution that would see him serve 13 months of an 18-month prison term and register as a sex offender. He was also released to work in his office during the day for six days a week.

New developments in Epstein case

The new revelations come after authorities executed a search warrant on Epstein’s home following his Saturday arrest at Teterboro airport. Momentum towards bringing new charges against the billionaire had been building in recent years after his light sentence following a plea agreement over a decade ago.

Under the terms of Epstein’s 2008 plea agreement, the billionaire was granted immunity from federal prosecution in exchange for him pleading guilty to two prostitution charges in Florida state court. At the time, prosecutors arranged for the terms of the plea deal to be kept secret from Epstein’s accusers until it was finalized.

But in April, a federal judge ruled that prosecutors had violated the law by offering the plea agreement without consulting Epstein’s accusers.  Previously, the Justice Department opened an investigation into the case in February.

Jeffrey Epstein and #MeToo

Epstein’s case has been viewed by some as an indictment on the sort of wealth and privilege protested by proponents of the #MeToo movement. As a billionaire hedge fund manager, Epstein was politically connected to high-profile figures.

Former president Bill Clinton and President Donald Trump are just two of the high-profile figures known to have associated with the hedge-fund manager in the past.

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Records obtained by Fox News in 2016 showed that Clinton took at least 26 trips aboard Epstein’s private jet, which the media has nicknamed the “Lolita Express.”

In 2002, Trump, who has also reportedly flown on Epstein’s jet, told New York Magazine that the mysterious financier was a “terrific guy.”

“He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it – Jeffrey enjoys his social life,” Trump added.

Bradley Edwards, an attorney for one of Epstein’s accusers, said in 2018 that Trump was particularly cooperative when Edwards was contacting individuals connected to Epstein in building his client’s case.

According to Edwards Trump was “the only person who picked up the phone and said, ‘let’s just talk.  I’ll give you as much time as you want.’”

Edwards added that Trump “gave no indication whatsoever that he was involved in anything untoward whatsoever, but had good information.”

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