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Muslim Scholar Demonstrates Proper Technique for Beating Your Wife on Young Boy

Muslim Scholar Demonstrates Proper Technique for Beating Your Wife on Young Boy

“See dear brothers, this is how you beat your wife in Islam”

A video depicting a Muslim scholar demonstrating how to properly beat your wife caused controversy on social media Tuesday.

The video, which was shared by Pakistani-Canadian author Ali A. Rivzi on Twitter, shows a Qatari sociologist and scholar using his son to demonstrate how man should beat his wife.

“What is beating in Islam?” the scholar aksed. “The man must remind his wife, of what? Of his power,” the scholar said.

The scholar then began to act out a scene while his son played a fictional wife.

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“Why don’t you listen to me?” he asked. “How many times did I tell you? How many times have I told you to listen?” the scholar told the young boy as he cracked a smile.

“Didn’t I tell you not to leave the house without permission?” he asked before turning to tell the camera and explaining, “This is a bit of intimidation.”

The scholar then started to talk about proper beating techniques, demonstrating on his son by hitting him on the shoulders.

“You see how to beat?” he asked the camera.

After grabbing his son by the shoulder and shaking him to complete the demonstration, the scholar then turned his attention back to the camera.

“See dear brothers, this is how you beat [your wife] in Islam,” the scholar tells the camera.

The scholar then explains why beating your wife is important in Islam.

“Dear brothers, why does a man beat a woman?” he asked. “Because some women love a manly man!”

“They love a man who makes himself a master!” he continued. “She herself loves an assertive man who is powerful, you see?”

Rizvi, who authored the book “The Atheist Muslim“, pointed out that Quran allows for this type of beating.

Reacting to the video on Twitter, Arabic Al Aan TV reporter Jenan Moussa called on her followers to report the YouTube account that originally posted the tutorial.

“Just when you thought have seen it all,” Moussa said. “A preacher makes a video using a child to demonstrate to men how to hit their wives ‘the proper way.'”

“Because all what the internet was still missing is a tutorial on how to beat your wife,” Moussa continued. “Seriously shocking.”

“Why is YouTube not not suspending this channel?” Moussa asked “This preacher made a tutorial on how to beat your wife!! Report this,” she told followers with a link to the original video.

The video comes as some progressive activists, particularly Linda Sarsour, have tried to tie Islam to American feminism and the “Women’s March” movement.

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