McConnell Creates ‘Kill Switch’ in Case Impeachment Becomes ‘Circus Run by Adam Schiff’

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has created a “kill switch” for the impeachment trial to let the president move immediately to dismiss the charges.

Virginia Senator Warns Fellow 2A Defenders Ahead of Gun Rally: ‘We Are Being Set Up’

Virginia state senator Amanda Chase warned gun rights advocates that they were "being set up" by authorities to be branded as extremists and arrested.

Militia Leaders Prepare to Defend VA Gun Rights — Warn of ‘Enormous Potential’ for Violence

A pro-gun rally expected to draw thousands around the Virginia capitol building on Monday has authorities bracing for violence.

Maxine Waters Says Her Personal Trump Probe Could Lead to ‘Another Impeachment Activity’

Rep. Maxine Waters said that she "will not stop" on impeachment and added that there may be more "impeachment activity" in the near future.

New Report Reveals American Soldiers Were Wounded in Jan. 8 Iran Attack

"This idea that there was an effort to de-emphasize injuries for some sort of amorphous political agenda doesn't hold water," Hoffman said.

Eminem Releases Anti-Gun Music Video — Apparently Forgets His Own Past With Firearms

The Eminem Darkness music video reenacts the 2017 shootings at a Vegas country festival that left 60 dead and more than 800 wounded.

Al Sharpton: No Dem Candidates Look Like They Can Take Trump

Al Sharpton said on Wednesday he doesn't think any of the Democratic candidates have the "mindset" to take on President Donald Trump.

Report Says DOJ Investigating FBI Leaks to Reporters — And They’ve Got Their Sights Set on Comey

The Department of Justice is reportedly looking into whether former FBI Director James Comey illegally leaked information to reporters.

Trump Unveils Legal Defense Team — Includes Attorney Who Helped Impeach Clinton

Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz will join President Donald Trump's impeachment trial defense team, Trump's legal team and a source said on Friday.

Pro-Gulag Staffer Says Bernie’s Regional Field Director Bailed Him Out of Jail After Drug Arrest

Kyle Jurek, the Sanders campaign field organizer at the center of the controversy, was arrested most recently on Jan. 7 for driving while intoxicated.

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