Liberals Say Viral Border Patrol ‘Babe’ Is a ‘Nazi’ – Turns Out She’s a Latina Democrat

A border patrol officer – who has been dubbed #IceBae – went viral inspiring praise and backlash that highlight a deep national divide on immigration.

Topless Woman Photobombs Grieving Family’s Vacation Picture – Now They’re Going After Her

Monica Davila, a Cypress, Texas mother, is hoping the topless woman who photobombed her family vacation pictures goes viral.

Las Vegas Cops Reveal What’s Waiting for the 1 Million Civilians Threatening to Storm Area 51

Police reportedly have a plan to deal with anyone who follows through on an online plot to storm Area 51.

Judge Apologizes to Trans Woman Convicted for Child Porn: Jail Must Have Been ‘Torture’ for You

UK trans woman Toni Prince pled guilty to charges of downloading child porn Monday, but sentencing was delayed until Friday in already the three year case.

Hot Mic Catches Local News Host’s Message to Lib Viewers Complaining She’s Too Conservative

Kari Lake, a news anchor for Phoenix's Fox 10, anticipated criticism about her participation on Parler with a blunt message to her detractors.

Alyssa Milano Tries to Outdo AOC With ‘Insane’ Nazi Comparison

Actress Alyssa Milano on Saturday followed Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's lead and compared the Trump administration to the Third Reich. 

Guess Where Kamala Harris’ Husband Was Just Hours Before She Ripped Law Firm Defending Epstein?

Kamala Harris railed against the law firm, Kirkland and Ellis, defending accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein in a statement released last Tuesday.

Activist Humps Pole Outside ICE Facility That Flew Mexican Flag – Screams, ‘F— the Troops!’

Conservative influencer Ashley St. Claire visited her local ICE facility in Aurora, Colorado, and ended up in a confrontation with immigration advocates. 

Trans Weightlifter Wins Two Gold Medals at Pacific Games – Her Car Crash Victims Are Outraged

Trans athlete Laurel Hubbard sparked controversy this week by capturing two gold medals and a silver at the Samoa 2019 Pacific Games.

Ex-ICE Chief Reveals He Nearly Threw Dem Rep a ‘Beating’ After Hearing His ‘Disgusting’ Comments

Former acting ICE director Tom Homan appeared on "Fox & Friends" to discuss a heated exchange with a Democrat congressman last week.

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