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Miley Cyrus Fights for Women’s Rights by Licking Cake: ‘Abortion Is Healthcare’

Miley Cyrus Fights for Women’s Rights by Licking Cake: ‘Abortion Is Healthcare’

Pop superstar Miley Cyrus has weighed in on the raging national debate over abortion.

In an unmistakable swipe at pro-life supporters, Cyrus tweeted out a photograph that shows her licking a cake emblazoned with the words: “Abortion is healthcare.” The image was accompanied by a caption that teased a pro-choice collaboration with Planned Parenthood, the Happy Hippie Foundation and designer Marc Jacobs.

“Very special collab with @PPFA @happyhippiefdn @marcjacobs TO BE ANNOUNCED veryyyyyy soon! #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #DONTFUCKWITHMYFREEDOM,” Cyrus wrote.

Cyrus’ viral tweet, which quickly received more than 31,000 likes and 8,000 retweets, likely had its intended effect –sparking shock, ridicule, outrage and praise among commenters on social media.

Conservatives in particular, reacted by accusing the former Disney child star turned self-styled rebel of callously trivializing the issue.

“This picture beautifully encapsulates the pro-abortion movement. Stupid, incoherent, self-indulgent, grotesque, bizarre, and immature. Well done, Miley Cyrus!” tweeted the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh.

One America News Network host Liz Wheeler, a hardcore pro-life culture warrior, said that abortion is about ending life, not caring for it.

“Way to ruin cake,” quipped the American Life League, a pro-life nonprofit.

Meanwhile, one of Cyrus’ fans pointed out that the concept for the viral photograph appeared to have been lifted from a feminist cake-baker without attribution. Cyrus eventually responded directly to the artist and promised to credit her work.

The Miley Cyrus abortion cake joins the debate

Six Republican-controlled states — Missouri, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and Ohio — have passed laws that severely restrict abortion so far in 2019. Alabama last month effectively outlawed abortion except to save a mother’s life.

The laws, which have not gone into effect and are expected to be blocked in courts, have spurred Democratic-majority states to move to protect the procedure. At the same time, Hollywood types have led boycotts of the offending red states.

Several filmmakers announced this month that they would no longer be filming in Georgia, and actress and feminist activist Alyssa Milano said she would not return to the Netflix series “Insatiable” if it continued filming in the state.

Last month, Milano also launched a failed #SexStrike meant to pressure men to reverse the laws.

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