Michelle Wolf Mocks Bari Weiss: Grandstanders of the Week

Michelle Wolf Mocks Bari Weiss: Grandstanders of the Week

Every week, we deliver our picks for the most noteworthy hot air blowers, virtue signalers, and grandstanders in the news.

On the score of humor, Michelle Wolf’s four-minute parody of The New York Times’ op-ed section is a neck-breaking cringe. (A spoon-fed sermon with a safe and pandering political message, and a marshmallow-soft target — ladies and gentlemen, edgy Netflix comedy!)

​But equally embarrassing is the song’s underlying message: The Times, bemoans Wolf, is publishing “bad opinions” for the sake of clicks. (Wait, you’re saying the media is driven by commercial interests? Stop the presses, smithy, we’ve got us a hot scoop!)

But The Times true crime, it seems, is giving the legitimacy of its platform to opinions that aren’t quite progressive enough for Wolff (“validating these batshit points of view,” as she put it). Considering the paper’s op-ed roster consists almost exclusively of center-left to far-left writers, it’s not difficult to surmise whom Wolf is really talking about: Bari Weiss and Bret Stephens, two relatively-new hires brought on to challenge the Krugman-et-Friedman orthodoxy (presumably what Wolf meant by “informed opinions”).

Weiss, hardly the Jewish Laura Ingraham, got her own cameo in Wolf’s sketch as a Cabaret singer contemplating ways to provoke her audience. Implicit in this is that Weiss’ provocations are for provocation’s sake, not–  Kanye-forbid! — honest takes on complicated issues.

In so mocking, Wolf unwittingly but perfectly exemplified Weiss’ ​parody of the far-left, a shrinking circle of ideological puritans.

“My opinion is bold and my angle is hot,” sings the parody-Bari. “What if Pizzagate were actually great?”

​You see, since Weiss ​thinks Aziz Ansari isn’t a rapist she must also think Pizzagate, an InfoWars classic traducing Hillary Clinton as involved in human trafficking, is a legit theory. Just as Wolf’s ​ill feelings toward Sarah Sander tell us the comedienne must be a 9/11 Truther.

Eventually, the outraged Wolf snaps — ​”Enough, Bari Weiss! Your opinions suck!” — lest even a single viewer remains who could accuse her of validating “bad opinions” herself. Because adding a disclaimer at the start saying “don’t worry, I voted for Hillz” would have been too on the nose and, you know, might have injured the comedy.


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