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Teen Girl’s Sexual Assault Accusation Gets Elderly Man Killed — Turns Out She Lied

Teen Girl’s Sexual Assault Accusation Gets Elderly Man Killed — Turns Out She Lied

“I don’t even know why he was being hit.”

Michael Fife, a 62-year-old Utah man, died after being attacked last month in retaliation for an alleged sexual assault perpetrated on a 16-year-old girl, Fox affiliate KSTU reported Tuesday.

Police have revealed that the alleged victim lied about the assault.

However, after Logan City investigators reviewed surveillance footage from the city bus on which the assault supposedly took place, they discovered no assault had taken place.

According to a Tuesday statement posted by the Logan City Police Department to Facebook, the girl called her 17-year-old brother immediately after the alleged assault took place. He tracked Fife down and attacked him, leaving the elderly man unconscious on the sidewalk before fleeing the scene. Witnesses called paramedics and Fife was transported to Logan Hospital before ending up at McKay-Dee Hospital.

Later in the day, the 16-year-old called police to report the alleged sexual assault. Logan Police detectives reviewed the footage but all they saw was Fife walking past the girl and determined that no assault took place.

Logan City Police are currently investigating the case and are withholding the names of the two individuals involved as they are juveniles.

Fife succumbed to his injuries four days after the incident took place, according to a GoFundMe fundraiser page established to help pay for the father-of-one’s funeral expenses.

“I don’t even know why he was being hit,” the victim’s son, Michael Fife Jr., told KSTU. “Something definitely needs to be done because this stuff can’t happen. I mean, especially over an allegation.”

The GoFundMe fundraiser established to help Fife Jr. pay for his father’s funeral expenses has raised more than $4,000.

“The financial burden of this unforeseen act of violence, falls to Mike. Mike is currently not in the best of situations and cannot afford to lay his dad to rest without a little help. All donations will go to Michael Andrew Fife II to settle the cost of hospital bills, cremation, and entering into a burial plot,” reads a description on the fundraiser page.

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