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Mexican Politician Forcefully Gropes Female Presenter on Live TV

Mexican Politician Forcefully Gropes Female Presenter on Live TV

“My boyfriend is going to beat you up, you will see.”

A Mexican politician resigned his position in local government this week after he groped and attempted to kiss a female presenter on live television.

The controversial incident took place on Mexican talk show “El Mejor Dia.” Jose Maria Armenta, Master of Ceremonies of the Government of the state of Sonora, forcefully grabbed host Alejandra Leon’s face and tried to kiss her.

The Mexican presenter was visibly uncomfortable – kicking her legs up in the air as Armenta took her in both of his hands.

After the awkward moment, Leon chastised the politician. “I need to say something. The devil will take you,” she said.

“My boyfriend is going to beat you up, you will see,” she added.

Following widespread outrage in response to his behavior on “El Mejor Dia,” Armenta issued a public statement announcing that he was resigning and that he would no longer be appearing on the program.

“Before my intervention, during the opening, and without intending anything more than being fun and a little irreverent, I tried to kiss presenter Alé Leon, one of the hosts of that esteemed space,” he said in the letter announcing his resignation.

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“This has been interpreted by a segment of the audience as harassment toward the estimable presenter,” the Mexican politician added. “Suffice it to say that was not my intention. I’ve offered a sincere apology to Alé and to anyone else whom my actions may have offended.”

Armenta went on to reveal he was abdicating his post in state government and cited the “four women who educated and shaped” him as the driving forces behind his decision to accept responsibility for the backlash.

The lens through which society views male-female interactions has shifted dramatically in the wake of the #MeToo movement. The resultant uproar over Armenta’s behavior shows that the reach of the American-born #MeToo campaign has penetrated even into traditionally patriarchal nations such as Mexico.

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Cover image: Mexican politician Jose Maria Armenta attempts to kiss a Mexican television presenter during a live broadcast. (Screen grab from Twitter)

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