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Black Marine and Asian Wife Throw MAGA-Themed Wedding – Woke Family Desperately Try to Ruin It

Black Marine and Asian Wife Throw MAGA-Themed Wedding – Woke Family Desperately Try to Ruin It

A Michigan couple upset family members by throwing a MAGA-themed wedding last week.

The event was held on, when else, the Fourth of July.

Patriotic and “Make America Great Again” flourishes abounded – from the groomsmen’s “don’t tread on me” cufflinks to petitions at every reception table for an anti-abortion “heartbeat bill.” Guests donned “MAGA hats.

And still the happy couple, Audra and Jeff Johnson, could not be upstaged. Jeff, a U.S. Marine, wore his dress blues for the occasion. Audra painted her nails to look like American flags, and her dress had a distinctively Trumpian touch.

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“The dress is actually an Andre Soriano original,” she told Fox 17. “It’s actually made out of a MAGA flag.”

Soriano is known for his custom “Trump gowns,” which graced the red carpet of the Grammy Awards in 2017.

The bride, who is of Filipino heritage, said she and her black husband chose the unusual wedding theme in part to break down stereotypes about “racist” Trump supporters.

But some of the couple’s family members didn’t appreciate the sentiment. Audra’s brother disowned her, and Jeff’s father refused to show up for their nuptials.

“He sent us a text message,” Audra said. “It said, ‘As long as you support that racist in the White House, I won’t be attending your wedding.’”

At least one wedding guest, however, showed that love can transcend politics. Audra’s best friend, a Democrat, was by her side as maid of honor.

“We were gonna do our photos with the Trump hats and she said, ‘You know I love you, but I can’t wear the Trump hat,'” Audra said. “I said, ‘It’s OK. It’s OK. Just wear a red hat. We still love you. We can have completely different opinions about everything and still love each other.”

The Johnsons’ MAGA wedding highlights rising political polarization in America

A 2014 Pew Research Center poll found that Americans were more deeply divided along partisan lines than at any other point in the last 20 years. And there has been no shortage of think-pieces chronicling how divergent political views have led to tough conversations among relatives.

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Some political differences have proven irreconcilable. Earlier this year, a New York Times contributor suggested she’d divorced her husband because he was a Trump supporter.


Cover image: Audra and Jeff Johnson celebrate their ‘MAGA’ themed wedding in Kalamazoo, MI on July 4, 2019. (Screen grab)

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