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Ontario Community Outraged at Release of Transgender Pedophile Who Molested as Many as 60 Girls

Ontario Community Outraged at Release of Transgender Pedophile Who Molested as Many as 60 Girls

“A clear example of our justice system is broken.”

An Ontario community is in an uproar over news that a serial pedophile will be released into their town, the National Post reported Tuesday.

Madilyn Harks, who transitioned from male to female following a previous conviction, will soon be released to the community of Brampton, Ontario.

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Despite Harks’ admission that she has victimized as many as 60 girls, and kept underwear as “trophies,” the Parole Board of Canada has dropped several conditions of her supervision designed to curb the risk of sexual recidivism.

After police announced Harks’ pending release, Brampton mayor Patrick Brown issued a statement condemning the decision.

“The fact that Ms. Harks is in a halfway house instead of jail is a clear example of our justice system is broken,” Brown said in the statement.

Harks, who has no ties to Brampton, is originally from the other side of the country.

Speaking later to CBC, Brown said he was “alarmed” the federal government would allow Harks to be released in his community.

“We’re very alarmed why the federal government would dump a convicted pedophile into the City of Brampton despite the fact this is a high risk offender from western Canada” Brown told CBC.

“The fact that [Harks] would just be dumped in Brampton has our community livid.”

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“It’s unacceptable and … we want an explanation how a person with no ties to Brampton, from the other side of the country, would simply be dropped in here,” Brown added. “We happen to be the youngest community in Canada with a disproportionate amount of children. It’s completely unacceptable.”

Sonia Sidhu, Liberal MP for the area, also issued a statement on Twitter ensuring residents she “shares” their concerns.

Harks has been convicted of a string of sexual assaults dating all the way back to 2004, with every victim being younger than 8-years-old.

Harks’ first conviction resulted in a lenient sentence of only a few months, after which she immediately victimized another young girl by befriending her mom and grooming the child with candy.

According to Parole Board documents, Harks had suffered from gender identity confusion issues since at least 2010. A 2006 psychiatric assessment determined that Harks had an “all encompassing preoccupation with interest in sexually abusing young girls.”

The cultural debate over transgender rights has led to intense scrutiny of criminal incidents involving trans individuals. Just last week, a Houston public library caused an uproar when it allowed a man convicted of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old boy in 2008 to read to young children during the library’s “Drag Queen storytime.” Meanwhile, trans rights activists accuse detractors of fomenting bigotry by cherry-picking isolated occurrences.

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