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Luke Skywalker Says Men Should Just ‘Let Women Take Charge Completely’

Luke Skywalker Says Men Should Just ‘Let Women Take Charge Completely’

“Just women.”

Mark Hamill cheered Tuesday the record number of women who had been elected to Congress last week, joking that perhaps it’s time to retire men from politics entirely.

Hamill shared a photo showing six Democrat congresswomen-elect (out of 122 women elected last week) on their first day in Capitol Hill, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib.

“For centuries, men have had their chance to rule government with middling-to-poor results,” the actor wrote. “Who’s ready to let women take charge completely? Just women. I know I am.”

Hamill, who enjoys taking the ​occasional swipe at President Donald Trump, managed to trigger a wide audience with this latest tweet, that struck some as facile Feminism by way of knocking down men wholesale.

One commenter even raised the familiar counterpoint of egalitarian conservatives: That voting based on gender alone undermines political equality.

“I believe very much that you’re a very positive and decent person,” the user continued, “but this is a badly thought out position…”

The strong reactions to Hamill’s tweet reflect a ​cultural fissure in discussing ​gender and ​racial equality. Conservatives and Classical Liberals are peeved when a certain type of Twitter progressive equates the desire for the empowerment of oppressed groups with a call (perhaps an ​ironic one) for the erasure of their perceived oppressors. (See the furor that followed The New York Times’ ​hiring of Sarah Jeong, the author of timeless tweets like “white men are bulls–t” and “#CancelWhitePeople.”) Vox’s explainer-in-chief Ezra Klein tepidly ​defended this phenomenon as a leftist form of trolling (conservatives who take the bait and overreact are the melting snowflakes in this scenario).

All that aside, at least one commenter noted elegantly that as fun as it is to turn the off-hand tweets of celebrities into earnest debates, perhaps Hamill wasn’t all that serious.

Cover image: Newly elected female congresswomen. (Twitter)

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