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Woman Killed Her 8-Year-Old Daughter to Spite Her Ex-Husband

Woman Killed Her 8-Year-Old Daughter to Spite Her Ex-Husband

A Canadian woman, convicted earlier this year of murdering her daughter, is believed to have committed the grisly act out of spite for her ex-husband, according to a new report.

Lisa Blackstone, 41, was sentenced last month to life in prison without the possibility of parole for 15 years, the CBC reported.

She was convicted of murdering her eight-year-old daughter, Teagan, in March.

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Police say Batstone killed the girl in December 2014 by holding a plastic bag over the child’s mouth for four to five minutes.

According to a report published Sunday in the Mirror, prosecutors said Batstone was motivated to murder her daughter out of spite for her ex-husband, Gabe Batstone, and to ensure he didn’t get custody of the child after she took her own life.

Batstone had initially been given custody of her daughter after Gabe moved to Ottawa, while she remained in British Columbia.

After Batstone attempted to commit suicide in 2012, Teagan temporarily went to stay with her father.

But Gabe’s request for full custody of his daughter was denied, and the girl went back to live with her mother.

“I went and knocked on someone’s door and said, “Please call the police, my daughter’s dead in the car,”’ Lisa reportedly told police about the crime. “And then I crawled in and snuggled with her until the last minute.”

Inside Batstone’s home, police found notes directed at her husband:

“You win Gabe,” and, “You broke me,” two of the notes read, according to the CBC.

Another note said: “I couldn’t imagine leaving here and leaving her to him.”

Batstone’s lawyers claimed during the trial that their client had been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder while in jail and that she was suffering from “anxiety” when she killed Teagan, according to the CBC.

But New Westminster Supreme Court Justice Catherine Murray didn’t buy Batstone’s argument.

During sentencing, the judge excoriated Batstone for using her daughter as a weapon against the girl’s father.

“The breach of trust could not be more abhorrent,” Murray said during sentencing.

Murray also found that Batstone had exaggerated her mental illness after being arrested in an attempt to avoid criminal responsibility, the CBC reported.

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In the wake of the tragedy, Gabe Batstone founded Teagan’s Voice, an advocacy organization aimed at preventing violence against children.

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