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Trans Women Get Shut Down After Showing Up to YouTube Star’s Party: ‘Real Girls’ Only

Trans Women Get Shut Down After Showing Up to YouTube Star’s Party: ‘Real Girls’ Only

Trans Woman Say They Got Booted From Jake Paul House

Two transgender women said they were kicked out of the home of YouTube superstar Jake Paul over the weekend for not being “real girls.”

Lila Gibney, another YouTuber, recounted in a video posted Saturday how she and her friend, fellow transgender woman Kendall Raindrop, were asked to leave Paul’s Team 10 house in Calabasas, California. Raindrop also appeared in the video.

Paul founded Team 10 as a talent incubator for internet personalities. He and brother Logan – both among YouTube’s top draws – are known for their controversial stunts and raucous behavior.

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According to Gibney and Raindrop, one of Paul’s employees, Blaine O’Roark, approached them shortly after they arrived and told them to leave, saying, “I just thought you guys were gonna come with real girls.”

“We’re not real girls apparently,” Raindrop says in the video.

Gibney at one point shows a clip of the encounter with O’Roark during which they were allegedly booted from the party.

“I’m not being transphobic,” O’Roark can be heard saying in the footage. “How is it transphobic?”

“You literally just said [Gibney’s] not a girl,” Raindrop replies.

At one point, O’Roark says: “I’m not trying to be disrespectful. I’m just being real … I was told girls were coming.”

Later on in the video, Gibney recounts comments O’Roark allegedly made before the camera was rolling.

“He literally was saying I wasn’t a girl, and I was like, ‘Do I not look like a girl?’ and he was like, ‘Yeah, but you’re not one,'” she said.

Commenters on social media expressed support for Gibney and condemned O’Roark as “transphobic.”

Otherss said O’Roark exemplified a “predatory mindset toward women in general.”

The Daily Dot reported that Team 10 is threatening legal action against Gibney. Text messages obtained by news site show Team 10 manager Adam Quinn accusing Gibney of pushing a false narrative.

“We could’ve handled this like adults and actually worked together to help raise awareness for the community, but now it’s taken on a different spin since you opted to turn it into a defamatory opportunity for views based on a narrative you and I both know is not true,” Quinn says in one of the messages.

Lila Gibney and “biological women”

“Trans women are women,” is a common refrain among transgender rights activists.

In February, transgender model and actress Indya Moore took the notion a step further by tweeting that women can have penises and those penises are “biologically female.”

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To bolster her case, Moore cited a 2017 Facebook post by a lesbian high school biology teacher, who argued that science could not be used to deny transgenderism because the biological differences between sexes can get blurry in some “weird” cases.

Some in the LGBT community have even pushed to label those who are reluctant to date a transgender person as outright “transphobes.” Sara C, a transgender activist and host of the “Queer Sex Ed” podcast, addressed the topic in a 2017 Medium essay.

“It is not transphobic to decide that you don’t want to date a specific trans person based on your preferences in personality, hobbies, social beliefs, body type, etc,” she wrote. “It is, however, deeply transphobic to decide that you never want to date any transgender person ever, and the choice to draw such a line is rooted in ignorance, fear, and disgust of trans people.”


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