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Married Preschool Teacher Denies Drunk Sex With 13-Year-Old Boy — Then She Has His Baby

Married Preschool Teacher Denies Drunk Sex With 13-Year-Old Boy — Then She Has His Baby

A married preschool teacher in England stood trial on Tuesday for having unprotected sex with a 13-year-old boy and then giving birth to his child.

Leah Cordice, 20, first had intercourse with the boy after turning up drunk at his house in January 2017, the Reading Crown Court heard. She approached him while he was playing Xbox in his bedroom and pulled down his pants, according to prosecutor Grace Ong.

Cordice allegedly continued to have sex with the boy about twice a month for a year, Ong said. She allegedly stopped in 2018, just before he turned 14 and after she turned 18 and gave birth to their daughter.

At the same time, Cordice married her long-time boyfriend, who has not been publicly identified. Cordice’s husband was said to have believed he was responsible for her pregnancy.

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However, after the baby girl was born, the local authority, the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council, required Cordice to take a DNA test, which revealed the boy was the biological father.

In a police interview video shown to the jury on Tuesday, the boy recounted how Cordice’s husband had found out about her relationship with him.

“Her boyfriend found out. He did not really say anything. He got angry at first. He started shouting at me. Then he did not really say anything to me,” he said.

“She spoke about him to me sometimes, just how he had been annoying her, accusing her of stuff.”

Cordice, who was studying child care and working in a local preschool at the time, has pleaded not guilty to five counts of having sexual activity with a child.

Leah Cordice interrupts Xbox

Ong told the jury that the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had been victimized.

“You are supposed to have sex and, like, love each other,” Ong said the boy told police. “It was just like, she just wanted to do it. Now, I feel like she did not really care about me.”

The prosecutor also recounted in some detail Cordice’s alleged first encounter with the child.

“The defendant, Ms. Cordice, was drunk, she went around to his address, she went into his bedroom and at first, they talked normally and he continued playing on his Xbox and watching YouTube. Ms. Cordice then sat on his bed and started to hug him and kiss him and it carried on,” Ong said.

“He said, ‘I could not really say no. She would have kept asking and asking me to have sex.’ Afterwards, he felt that it was a bit weird and that she did not say anything to him afterwards.”

Police arrested Cordice at her home in Windsor, Berkshire, in July 2018. She insisted in a statement at the time that they “did not have sexual contact” and instead blamed the boy.

“He has always had a crush on me and would always make inappropriate remarks and do inappropriate things such as grab me and annoy me,” she told police, according to Ong. “We did not have sexual contact.”

Splitting hairs

Cordice has since admitted she had sex with the boy. But she has continued to deny that he fathered he daughter, even though DNA tests showed it was 14 million times more likely than not, the Metro UK reported.

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Ong warned the jury that Cordice may claim the boy sexually assaulted her.

“What she may say is that she was raped by the boy,” Ong said. “The prosecution’s case is that there was no such thing but these individuals agreed to have sexual intercourse with one another. The prosecution’s case is that this claim of rape is a lie, it is an attempt to make the complainant go down in your estimation of him.”

Cordice’s trial is ongoing.

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