Vegan Woman Reports Friends to Police Because They Fed Her Chicken Nuggets When She Was Drunk

A 24-year-old vegan woman said she called the police on her friends after they fed her chicken nuggets while she was drunk.

Crowd Roars With Laughter After Hearing Trump’s Impression of Adam Schiff

President Donald Trump this weekend slammed Adam Schiff, one of the prominent House Democrats pushing for the president's impeachment, as a "pencil neck."

Hunter Biden Gives Exclusive Interview to ABC to Explain His Ukraine Dealings

Hunter Biden spoke with ABC anchor Amy Robach in an exclusive interview that will air Tuesday amid scrutiny over his actions in Ukraine.

Pedophile Who Abused Up to 200 Children Found Stabbed to Death in Prison

Richard Huckle, notorious British pedophile who was convicted of abusing 22 children in Malaysia, has been stabbed to death in prison in England.

Liz Warren Celebrates Native American Version of Columbus Day

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren celebrated Indigenous Peoples Day on Monday.

Police Accused of Justifying Killing Woman in Own Home by Releasing Photo of Gun Found in Bedroom

The Fort Worth Police department released a photograph of a gun found in the home of Atatiana Jefferson, the woman shot dead by officers.

Retirement Home Workers Filmed Fight Club Between Elderly Residents With Dementia, Police Say

Three employees at a North Carolina assisted living facility have been arrested for allegedly running a fight club invovling residents with dementia.

Kathy Griffin Outraged by Fake Video of Trump Killing Her

Kathy Griffin complained that she was featured in a video that showed a fake President Donald Trump massacring members of the news media and his critics.

Journalists ‘Horrified’ by Fake Video of Trump Massacring the Media

Journalists have condemned a video that depicted a fake image of President Donald Trump killing members of the news media.

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