Trump Delivers Historic Speech at March for Life Rally — Unloads on ‘Far-Left’ Abortion Activists

Donald Trump became the first U.S. president to attend the annual March for Life in Washington on Friday and slammed his Democratic rivals.

Feminists Outraged by Bernie Sanders Because Joe Rogan Endorsed Him

Bernie Sanders decision to highlight an unofficial endorsement from Joe Rogan drew criticism on Friday due to the comedian's brand of humor.

11 Venezuelans Die While Foraging for Food Amid Socialist Nation’s Economic

The fire started on Thursday afternoon in the rural district of Cagua, outside the city of Maracay, according to Douglas Rico, director of Venezuela's CICPC forensic police.

Legal Experts Say Tulsi Gubbard Might Actually Win Her $50 Million Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton

Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has a "fighting chance" of winning the $50 million defamation lawsuit she filed against Hillary Clinton.

Trump Admin Says California Violating Federal Law by Requiring Insurers to Pay for Abortions

The Trump administration said California cannot require insurers to cover abortions and threatened to cut healthcare funds unless it pulls that requirement.

VIDEO: Massive Explosion at Machine Shop Kills Two — Blast Wave Rips Through Houston for Miles

A massive explosion at a machine shop caught on video ripped through a Houston neighborhood morning, killing at least two people and damaging homes.

Teacher Pleads Guilty to Having Sex With 6 Students But Says She Was Powerless to Stop Herself

Nicole Dufault avoided trial by reaching a plea deal, which will require her to give up her teaching license and register as a sex offender.

ABC News Host Embarrassed After Getting Caught Making ‘Kill’ Gesture While Trump Lawyer Speaks

George Stephanopoulos made a "slit-the-throat" motion while Donald Trump's personal attorney outlined the president's impeachment defense case.

20 US States Sue Trump to Block the Spread of ‘Ghost Guns’

3-D blueprints can be used to create ghost guns, which can be difficult to detect even with metal detectors, and difficult to trace.

Pole Dancers Condemn Buttigieg For Canceling Event at Gay Club Over Stripper Pole

Pete Buttigieg may want to get his supporters to the polls, but his refusal to bring them to a pole is drawing the ire of some in the LGBT community.

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