Ocasio-Cortez Loses It on Steve King – Says GOP Is Full of Secret Racists Like Him

Rep. Steve King recommended his favorite Nazi death camp tour to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Saturday, and she did not response well. 

Elizabeth Warren Wants Americans to Pay ‘Gay Reparations,’ Too

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic presidential candidate, has been touting a bill she introduced last week as essentially a form of gay reparations.

UK Judge Forces Disabled Woman to Have Abortion 6 Months Into Pregnancy – Rejects Family’s Pleas

U.K. Judge Nathalie Lieven ruled that a mentally disabled woman should be forced to have an abortion against the wishes of her and her mother. 

Researcher Says Society Is Hurting Transgender People by Not Wanting to Date Them

Not wanting to date a transgender person is a common phenomenon, according to a recently published survey that polled nearly 1,000 participants.

Dem Gov Sends State Police to Track Down Republicans Who Went Missing to Avoid Climate Change Vote

Gov. Kate Brown pushed for a climate change bill that critics say will hurt jobs, prompting Oregon Republicans to walk out of the legislative session.

Indian Man Jailed for Refusing to Marry Woman He Had One-Night Stand With on Tinder

Thanks to Indian rape law, a man arrested for consensual sex is facing jail time after his partner reported him to police the Bangalore Mirror reports.

Judge Opens Path to Reinstating Charges Against Smollett – Will Appoint Special Prosecutor

Charges against former "Empire" star Jussie Smollett could be reinstated under "reasonable grounds," a Cook County judge ruled on Friday.

Feminists Mob Airport Over ‘Sexist’ Bathroom Lines — Get Told to Work on Peeing Faster

Switzerland's Zurich Airport replied to a woman complaining about lines at women's restrooms by suggesting she take her grievances up with Mother Nature.

Police: Colorado Shooting Suspect Went on Rampage Because Kids Mocked His ‘Gender Identity’

Alec McKinney, suspected of perpetrating a shooting at a Colorado high school, allegedly told police he targeted students who mocked his gender identity.

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