Gov’t Seizes Stockpile of Protective Gear From Alleged Hoarder — Redistributes to Health Workers

Officials said they seized the supplies from Baruch Feldheim, a 43-year-old Brooklyn man arrested on March 30 for lying about his activity.

Gaffe or Grudge? Joe Biden Has at Least Seven Grandchildren But Acknowledges Just Five

Joe Biden has a grandchildren problem.During a recent interview with Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, the former vice president was asked ...

Robert Kraft Transports Masks to Fight Coronavirus — Journalist Slams Him for Being Trump’s ‘Friend’

Jemele Hill this week on Twitter sought to tamp down the praise Kraft was receiving for his act of charity in a time of deep need.

President Trump Has Once Again Tested Negative for Coronavirus

President Donald Trump said he underwent a second coronavirus test on Thursday, using a rapid diagnostic that produced a result in less than 15 minutes, and it determined that he has not been infected.

Ship From Socialist Venezuela Sinks After Repeatedly Ramming Cruise Liner With Reinforced Hull

The Venezuelan Navy's Naiguata sank after it apparently rammed the empty cruise ship Resolute in the early morning hours on Monday.

104-Year-Old WWII Veteran Who Survived Spanish Flu Recovers From Coronavirus

World War II vet Bill Lapschies was feted on his 104th birthday Wednesday, also celebrating his recovery from the coronavirus.

Trump Campaign to Jeff Sessions in Brutal Letter: Stop Telling People the President Likes You

President Donald Trump's presidential campaign told Senate Republican candidate Jeff Sessions on Thursday to stop promoting himself as a Trump ally.

Liberals Blame Trump for Stabbing of 2-Year-Old Asian Baby in Texas

Jose L. Gomez admitted to trying to murder an Asian-American family, including their six and two-year-old children, at a Midland Sam's Club on March 14.

Andrew Cuomo’s Ex-Girlfriend Demands Public Stop ‘Body Shaming’ Him Over His Nipples

After legions of social media users this week speculated as to whether Cuomo had pierced nipples, Sandra Lee issued a fiery rebuke to his haters.

Dem Gov Threatened Doctors Who Prescribed Malaria Drug Touted by Trump — Now She’s Begging For It

Michigan is seeking a drug from federal officials a week after the Gov. Gretchen Whitmer threatened doctors prescribing it for coronavirus.

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