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Transgender Prisoner Sent Back to Men’s Jail After Being Caught Naked With Female Inmate

Transgender Prisoner Sent Back to Men’s Jail After Being Caught Naked With Female Inmate

Kayleigh Woods, a British transgender inmate, was transferred back to a men’s-only jail after officials caught her in a “state of undress” with a fellow prisoner. 

A source told The Sun this week that Woods had initiated a “full-blown secret relationship” with the woman.

Woods, a transgender woman convicted of murdering her roommate in January of 2016, was initially housed in the HMP Hewell men’s-only prison. Officials approved her request to be moved to a women’s jail, despite Woods’ lack of a gender recognition certificate, The Sun reported on Sunday.

The U.K.’s Transgender Case Board determined Woods, who has identified as a woman for years but never had gender reassignment surgery, posed no threat to female inmates, since she had no past history of sex offenses. She was transferred to Eastwood Park, a women’s facility located in Gloucester, in December of 2017.

The source said that prison staff reported Woods to the Transgender Case Board after finding her “in flagrante.”

Another source told The Sun that upon being notified of the relationship, the Eastwood Park warden “went up the wall.” Woods’ conduct led to her being transferred to HMP Gartree, a men’s prison in Leicester.

According to reports from 2017, Woods and her then-boyfriend Jack Williams rehearsed murder on a Barbie doll before binding Bethany Hill’s wrists with duct tape and slashing her throat.

Kayleigh Woods and transgender rights

Woods’ case is part of a debate over how far the United Kingdom should go to accommodate transgender people’s claims to the rights associated with their gender identity, as opposed to their biological sex.

Another British transgender inmate Karen White, a convicted sex offender who retains her male genitalia, was granted transfer to New Hall women’s prison in England last year, where she sexually assaulted two female prisoners.

The incident prompted the government to shift its policy and heavily restrict transgender women’s access to women’s jail, The Sunday Times reported in February.

Also in February, Scottish officials came under fire after reports emerged of a transgender sex offender who took advantage of young girls in supermarket restrooms being sent to live in a women-only halfway house.

A similar controversy has played out in the United States.

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