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Katy Perry Disgraced After Photos Emerge of Her Shoes in ‘Blackface’

Katy Perry Disgraced After Photos Emerge of Her Shoes in ‘Blackface’

“Why do y’all think this is okay?”

It’s another victory for social justice.

Following aggressive weekend tweeting by concerned consumers, Katy Perry’s fashion brand has pulled a pair of black high-heeled shoes decorated to look like a face.

Katy Perry Collections will no longer sell the shoes on the pop star’s website, at Dillard’s, or at other retailers, TMZ reported Monday.

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That’s right. “Black” and “face” automatically equals blackface.

Some suggested it would have been OK if Katy Perry were black, or, perhaps alternatively, if Cardi B, who is already black (and a rapper), had put her name on the shoes. But otherwise, definitely no.

The mini-scandal seemed to provide even novice social justice warriors an opportunity to dip their toes into the ocean of progressive outrage.

A representative for Perry said in a statement that the shoes, which boast eyes, a golden nose, and red lips, came out last summer and were “envisioned as a nod to modern art and surrealism.”

They also came in beige, blue, gold, and pink. But the “blackface” pair ruined things for the whole line.

Perry – singer of feminist anthems like “Roar” and “California Gurls” – herself expressed sorrow over the snafu.

“I was saddened when it was brought to my attention that it was being compared to painful images reminiscent of blackface,” Perry said, noting her team’s rapid response to the outrage. “Our intention was never to inflict any pain.”

Well, too late for that, Katy.

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Blackface is all the (out)rage at the moment. Two top Virginia Democrats are in hot water for their decades-old dalliances with the racist American tradition, but neither has yet to make like the shoes and step down.

Last week, Gucci had to apologize and stop selling a black turtleneck sweater with red lips. Wearers had been invited to provide the rest of the face.

And last month, a historical photograph of soot-covered miners was accused of engaging in blackface, or at least of reminding one guy of it.

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Cover image: Katy Perry in 2010’s “California Girls.” (Screen grab from YouTube)

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