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Judd Apatow Called Out for Becoming Woke Blowhard: You Used to Tell ‘Tranny’ Jokes – And be Funny

Judd Apatow Called Out for Becoming Woke Blowhard: You Used to Tell ‘Tranny’ Jokes – And be Funny

“Sexism is hilarious.”

Penthouse called out Judd Apatow for “hypocrisy” on Thursday with a 15-minute video montage of the filmmaker’s past un-PC remarks – which don’t quite jive with his new woke persona.

Apatow earned the honor of being lambasted on the porn mag’s brand-new website with his recent comments condemning fellow comedians for having the audacity to be edgy.

What’s this about: Apatow, who made his name with thought-leading titles like “The 40 Year-Old Virgin” and “Knocked Up,” has lately decided that comedy must serve not just the gods of humor, but those of social justice, too. Jokes at the expense of the downtrodden, he said in a discussion last month on SiriusXM’s “Jim and Sam Show,” amount to unacceptable “punching down.”

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Having just returned to standup after a 17-year hiatus, Apatow chastised CK for his own attempt at a comeback following revelations that he exposed himself before young comediennes. Dishing out his paternalism on Twitter, Apatow in December called a leaked CK show “hacky, unfunny, shallow.” The set, which made fun of the left’s obsession with gender pronouns and Parkland survivors, suffered from a lack of introspection, mused the artiste behind “Superbad.”

“It’s much easier to laugh at our most vulnerable than to look at their pain directly & show them love and concern. Louis CK is all fear and bitterness now. He can’t look inward,” Apatow tweeted, assuring his readers that despite what CK had said, the Parkland kids really “ARE interesting.”

Apatow also pontificated in a recent interview that, “It’s more important to say to kids, and to trans people, ‘Hey, I care more about you than this [joke].”

Should we blame his time producing HBO’s “Girls” for Lena Dunham?

But wait a minute: Penthouse’s video excoriation of Apatow, created by New York magazine columnist Mandy Stadmiller, strings together jokes and comments he either made himself or wrote into his movies that quite clearly don’t fit through the ever-shrinking Overton window that the filmmaker is helping to slam shut.

Such as: In a 1989 Comedy Central interview Apatow joked, without missing a singly stereotype, about adopting a Hispanic kid (“Dear Miguel … How are things in your village? Is the drought over yet? … Hey, how’s that sack of wheat I sent you. Well, I have to go, the Dominos pizza guy is here. Hey, guess what? His name is Miguel, too.”) Other clips showed the filmmaker’s profuse use of “trannies” and “faggots” as for laughs, and his acknowledgment of the charm of “wonderful child molestation jokes, wonderful abortion jokes.”

But it’s not really about busting Apatow’s balls: Well, it is. But only those of the new Apatow. Though the video is titled “Does Judd Apatow Deserve to be Cancelled?” Stadmiller is clear in the text accompanying the montage that her answer is “no.” Her point is that bad, mean, tasteless jokes are just part of the business, as Apatow knew well before seeing the progressive light.

She explained: “[Apatow] is good. To calmly attempt to transition from the man who made his millions off of faggot-and-tranny jokes in his always wildly sexist (in a hilarious way — sorry, guys, but sexism is hilarious, as is misandry) movies to his recent reinvention as Mr. Woke Stasi, El Capitan, is pretty badass … Anyway, I kept waiting for the Apatow takedown to come. And it never did … I don’t really think Judd Apatow should be ‘cancel culture’-d by any means, but I’ll tell you one thing. By Apatow’s standards, he surely does.”

Watch Here:

Hypocrisy: Backing Stadmiller, Penthouse executive editor Mish Barber-Way told TheWrap that the point of the video was to highlight the “hypocrisy” of call-out culture’s latest convert.

“I have no beef with Judd. My beef is with hypocrisy,” he said.

“One day a comedian is making sexist jokes, the next he’s attacking his friendemy in the name of trans rights as if he’s never said the word ‘tranny,’” Barber-Way added, announcing that it’s now his outlet’s mission is now “attacking the hypocrisy of the culture wars.”

When not imitating Pluralist’s lofty mission, Penthouse, known for its soft-core erotica narratives, is in the process of redefining its online identity, after filing for bankruptcy in 2013.

Read more: Stradmiller’s full — and yes, nuanced — “takedown” of Appatow.

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