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MSNBC Forced to Make ‘Big Correction’ After Implying White Supremacist Ran Trump’s Navy

MSNBC Forced to Make ‘Big Correction’ After Implying White Supremacist Ran Trump’s Navy

MSNBC host Joy Reid issued a correction Sunday morning after her show’s producers apparently confused white supremacist leader Richard Spencer for a recently fired White House official.

“I want to make a quick correction. This is a pretty big correction,” Reid said after a segment discussing Defense Secretary Mark Esper’s move to fire former Navy Secretary Richard Spencer in November over a disagreement he had with President Donald Trump.

“Earlier in this segment as we were talking about former Navy Secretary Richard Spencer, we mistakenly showed the wrong image of white supremacist Richard Spencer,” Reid said after the network showed a screenshot of quotes from Spencer alongside an image of the white supremacist.

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She added: “Very, deeply sorry for that mistake.”

Spencer’s job was terminated after he and Trump disagreed over whether embattled Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher should face disciplinary action from the Navy — and the potential loss of his Trident — following Gallagher’s court martial.

Spencer mentioned in his termination letter that he disagreed with the president on what constitutes the “key principle of good order and discipline,” noting that he could not “in good conscience” obey Trump’s order to excuse Gallagher.

Spencer, the white supremacist, meanwhile, is known for orchestrating a Unite the Right rally in 2017 that culminated in a riot and numerous injuries, including one death. He was a featured speaker at the Charlottesville, Virginia, rally.

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Cover image: MSNBC host Joy Reid makes a correction on her show, “AM Joy,” on Dec. 1, 2019. (Twitter)

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