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Joy Behar Claims Totally Not Blackface Old Photo of Her Is ‘Feminist Statement’ in 2016 Clip

Joy Behar Claims Totally Not Blackface Old Photo of Her Is ‘Feminist Statement’ in 2016 Clip

“I went as a beautiful African woman.”

Joy Behar, cohost of ABC’s “The View,” reminisced in 2016 about once dressing up as a “beautiful African woman” with curly hair and dark makeup.

The clip was resurfaced this week, including on Tuesday by Big League Politics, which last week broke the story about Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s racist yearbook photos. It quickly made the rounds on social media.


In the video, Behar, 76, an outspoken liberal who has criticized President Donald Trump for allegedly promoting racism, approvingly cited a New York Times op-ed piece praising curly hair as a “feminist statement.” The show then displayed a photo of a suspiciously dark-skinned Behar boasting a black afro and dressed in a quasi-traditional African dress when she was 29 years old, which would have been circa 1971.

Responding to her co-hosts’ half-amused, half-shocked reactions (“Joy, were you black?” said Raven-Symoné), Behar explained that she had adopted the look for a Halloween party.

“I went as a beautiful African woman,” she said. “But that’s my hair. That’s my hair.”

Skeptical, Raven-Symoné asked coyly, “Did you have tanning lotion on, Joy?”

When Behar admitted that she had put on some makeup that “was a little darker than  my skin” her co-hosts groaned in understanding.

The three-year-old clip got some attention from feminist outlets at the time. 

It was resurrected amid a spate of blackface scandals involving liberals. In Virginia, not just Northam, but also state Attorney General Mark Herring has admitted to youthful indulgences in the racist practice. With Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax facing accusations of decades-old sexual misconduct, Virginia has slid into a leadership crisis.

More broadly, progressives have been conducting something of a cultural purge, calling out allegedly bigoted behavior old and new, mostly within their own ranks.

Having endured self-righteous liberal denunciations for years ― recall the instant fallout from Megyn Kelly sort of defending blackface last October ― some conservatives have happily joined the party.

Others have just enjoyed the show.

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Cover image: Joy Behar in 2016/circa 1971 (Screen grabs from YouTube)

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