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‘Jordan Peterson of Rap’ Humiliates Trans Athletes by Casually Shattering Women’s Weightlifting Record

“Still brave, still strong, always stunning.”

A British rapper last week shattered two women’s weightlifting records on video while claiming to identify as a woman.

Zuby, 32, said the Twitter viral stunt was designed prove the “absurdity” of claims that transgender athletes don’t have an advantage over biological women. In the videos, which have been viewed well over 1 million times, Zuby can be seen bench-pressing and deadlifting more than any British woman ever has.

“Still brave, still strong, always stunning,” he joked.

Zuby, an Oxford University-educated musician, recently described himself as “the Jordan Peterson of rap,” a reference to the Canadian psychologist, who has also been an outspoken critic of the transgender-rights movement. The rapper’s demonstration of male strength came as an international culture war has escalated over transgender people’s role in sports, and much else.

Earlier this month, Democratic Rep. Ilan Omar called on her home state, Minnesota, to investigate USA Powerlifting after it banned transgender athletes, citing their unfair advantage.

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Last month, tennis legend Martina Navratilova argued in an op-ed for The Times Times that it is “cheating” to let people who, biologically, are still men” compete in women’s sports. She said that hundreds of trans athletes have “achieved honours as women that were beyond their capabilities as men.”

The essay earned her both praise and opprobrium. On Saturday, former English Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies told the BBC that many female athletes feel the same way, saying: “It is not a transphobic thing … there needs to be a fair and level playing field.”

But world champion cyclist Rachel McKinnon, who had previously Twitter-tiffed with Navratilova over the issue, responded by claiming that she and other transgender athletes have no inherent advantage over the female competition.

“I am a biological woman,” McKinnon tweeted, inaccurately.

LGBT advocacy group Athlete Ally cut ties with Navratilova, a pioneering lesbian athlete, accusing her of being “transphobic,” ignorant of “science and data,” and a threat to the safety of transgender people.

Meanwhile, Zuby, who is from Southampton, told The Sunday Times that he felt he had more or less settled the debate over transgender athletes. After all, he is only a recreational lifter,” he told the UK newspaper.

“I have seen people saying there is no inherent biological strength difference between men and women,” he said.” I posted [the video] being a bit tongue-in-cheek, showing what I think is the obvious absurdity of their argument.”

Zuby said that the reaction to his videos had been “98 percent positive.” Feminists – some of whom have aligned with conservatives to protect female-only institutions from planned pro-transgender legislation in both the United Kingdom and the United States – showered him with praise.


However, Zuby soon lost much of the feminist good will he had earned by criticizing abortion and saying women should usually do most of the early childrearing.

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