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Man Rushes Jordan Peterson During Liberty University Talk – Gets to Stage and Starts Sobbing

Man Rushes Jordan Peterson During Liberty University Talk – Gets to Stage and Starts Sobbing

“I need help.”

A distraught young man stormed the stage at Liberty University during a weekly convocation that featured Canadian public intellectual Jordan Peterson, the College Fix reported.

“I’m not well” and “I need help,” the young man, later identified as David, cried out after he collapsed, sobbing. In response, Liberty University senior vice president of spiritual development Nasser led the assembly in prayer.

“We pray for healing for him, salvation for him, restoration for him,” Nasser said. “God, right now just come into his life and let him know he is valuable to you.”


“Stop pulling him,” Nasser said at one point to individuals who responded to the situation.

Nasser later revealed that the young man’s emotional state was due to his decision not to take his medication Friday morning.

Jerry Falwell Jr., and Gary Habermas, chair of the school’s philosophy department, were also onstage with Peterson and Nasser when the incident occurred.

According to the College Fix, Falwell addressed students. ““[You] students are probably going through some of the most stressful times of your lives. You don’t know who your spouse will be, what your job will be, you are still finding your way, and so with exams and professors like Gary Habermas here to face, and we have to remember that we’re older and we’re set in life and these guys are just coming up and so you guys will all be in our prayers too,” he said.

At one point during the event, Nasser asked Peterson how he could pray for him. “My fervent hope, and perhaps this is something that can be transformed into a prayer, is that the mistakes … that I am inevitably going to make as I pursue what I’ve been pursing, that I would be careful enough in my speech so that I would stay on the right track, on the straight and narrow path, and fulfill whatever obligations are my privilege to fulfill,” Peterson said in reply.

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“What I hope from the people that are supporting me is that, if they wish to pray for me, is that I remain careful enough and fortunate enough so that my inevitable faults don’t interfere too catastrophically with whatever good I might be able to do,” he added.

Peterson’s ascendant public profile and fiery debates with adherents of progressivism has led to his status as an ideological lightning rod. For many feminists and liberals, Peterson is a reactionary threat to societal progress, and a symbol of everything wrong with the patriarchy. Meanwhile, champions of the University of Toronto professor view him as a much needed dissident voice in the culture.

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