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BlazeTV Host Says You Can’t Be Both Transgender and a Conservative

BlazeTV Host Says You Can’t Be Both Transgender and a Conservative

A BlazeTV host sparked a fiery debate on the right after he declared that transgender people cannot be conservatives.

“You can be a transgendered American but you cannot be transgendered conservative! Maybe think about that as you’re headed into the office to have your genitals destroyed,” Jon Miller, host of BlazeTV’s “White House Brief,” tweeted on Saturday.

What transpired was the Twitter version of a longstanding internecine battle on the right, relating to whether conservatism should be predominantly shaped by a sense of the “common good” or if it should be anchored by a conception of “freedom” and individual liberty as primary values.

Wait what?!? Anyone can believe in small gov, the 2A, border security, prolife… I guess that’s why I’m a libertarian. You might want to take a look at your other @theblaze hosts, like @TheLaurenChen who is cool with us,” said one transgender Twitter user.

Townhall editor Beth Baumann also disagreed with Miller’s take.

“LGBT folks are a prime example of who SHOULD be conservative because of Individual liberty and the desire to keep government out of your private business,” she tweeted.

Transgender conservative YouTube personality Blaire White accused Miller of playing “identity politics.”

Brandon Straka, founder of the popular #WalkAway movement, said Miller’s stance made him “sad.”

“I hear how I ‘can’t be a conservative’ bc I’m gay. Meanwhile- @MsBlaireWhite @ScottPresler myself & others are busting our asses traveling registering new voters, talking 2 college kids&minorities & converting Dems. So what are u talking about?” Straka tweeted.

Miller responded by thanking Straka for his work in encouraging former liberals to walk away from the Democratic party.

However, Miller remained adamant that he would not change his views on transgenderism.

“Ive always held the transgender movement is radical & wrong & certainly the surgery I referred to, which is basically mutilation. To change my position bc it’s now politically fashionable would defeat the purpose of having values,” he tweeted.

And other conservatives backed Miller’s perspective.

“He’s right and you all know it. Traditional values are a conservative values. That’s why being a Christian and a conservative are so locked together,” tweeted user Malachi Simmons.

In recent years, LGBT activists have succeeded in upending societal norms — including in sports, schools and dating — regarding the rights of transgender people.

Traditionalists, especially on the right, have pushed back fiercely, often arguing that the cultural gains made by the transgender rights movement have come at the expense of long-held moral and scientific values.

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