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Transgender Activist Assaults Conservative Reporter in Violent Rage — Goes Viral

Transgender Activist Assaults Conservative Reporter in Violent Rage — Goes Viral

Transgender activist Jessica Yaniv assaulted a conservative reporter outside a British Columbia courthouse, and the footage went viral online.

Keean Bexte, a reporter for Rebel News, approached Yaniv with a camera as she left the Surrey Laws Court, where she faced two counts of possession of a prohibited weapon violating the Firearms Act. Bexte asked Yaniv if she would be pleading guilty to the charges, and she immediately charged at him.

“Go, go,” Yaniv said, flailing at the journalist.

“What? No. Don’t touch me,” Bexte said.

A struggle over the camera commenced in which Yaniv appeared to throw punches at Bexte.

“Get the f— away from me! Get away from me now! Right now! You heard me?” Yaniv bellowed.

“F–cking hell. Jesus. Get away from me, you f—ing crazy, f—king thing. Stay away from me,” Bexte said as he backpedaled. “I’m calling the police on you.”

“I don’t give a sh–! Get away from me!” Yaniv responded.

“You stay away from me,” Bexte said before the video cut off.

Bexte posted the footage to Twitter Monday evening, saying, “J. Yaniv just punched me in the back of the head. Just spoke to police. Luckily there are two security cameras directly overhead at the courthouse. I need an advil.”

Twitter reacts after Jessica Yaniv assaults reporter

The clip of the assault has been viewed nearly a million times, and provoked strong reactions.

“This is insane,” commented Blaze TV’s Kyle Kashuv.

Yaniv defender her behavior on Twitter, claiming that Bexte had been “stalking” her.

According to The Post Millennial, which like Rebel News is a right-wing Canadian news outlet, Yaniv had successfully petitioned to have Bexte removed from the courtroom before the hearing. But the judge rejected Yaniv’s request for a media blackout of the trial.

“There is no power in the criminal code for me to do that. I am rejecting your application.” Justice Mark Jette said.

The Post Millennial reporter Aimee Eileen Hamm said Yaniv also falsely accused her photographing her in the courthouse women’s restroom. Hamm said police searched her phone for images but found none.

“He yelled at me that he was going to charge me with ‘voyeurism,'” said Hamm, referring to Yaniv by male pronouns in accordance with her biological sex. “I was also verbally harassed by Yaniv’s mother, Miriam.”

Yaniv told the judge she was “in-between lawyers” and needed more time to prepare her defense, Hamm reported. Jette set a new court date for Feb. 10.

Yaniv was arrested in August after Royal Canadian Mounted Police raided her home near Vancouver. She told the National Post at the time that the raid was triggered by her brandishing of a taser during a YouTube debate with fellow transgender activist Blaire White. Yaniv acknowledged in the video that her possession of the weapon is illegal, and at one point demonstrated its functionality.

In October, Yaniv lost a legal case against salon workers who refused to wax her scrotum.

Cover image: Jessica Yaniv attacks Rebel Media reporter Keean Bexte outside the Surrey Laws Court in British Columbia on Jan. 13, 2020. (Twitter)

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