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Canadian Mounties Raid Trans Activist’s Home After She Brandishes Taser During Livestream

Canadian Mounties Raid Trans Activist’s Home After She Brandishes Taser During Livestream

Royal Canadian Mounted Police on Monday night conducted a raid of the home of transgender activist Jessica Yaniv.

The police action came as Yaniv is suing a number of waxing businesses for refusing to service her scrotum as though it were a vagina. The resulting publicity has brought attention to her history of sordid activities and activism.

However, Yaniv’s alleged crime was apparently unrelated to genital waxing. Langley Police said they executed a warrant at her address, about 45 minutes east of Vancouver. The police declined to name Yaniv or provide further details pending the filing of charges. But Yaniv and others spoke to local media.

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Yaniv told the National Post that the raid was triggered by her brandishing of a taser earlier Monday during a YouTube debate with fellow transgender activist Blaire White. Yaniv acknowledged in the video that her possession of the weapon is illegal, but at one point demonstrated its functionality. She also claimed to possess pepper spray.

Yaniv’s bearing of arms came following a rant about British Columbia’s East Indian and other immigrant communities.

“We have fucked up people who migrate here, who think they can do whatever they want,” she said.

According to the Post, police arrested Yaniv and then released her on Tuesday morning. Neighbors confirmed seeing Yaniv being taken away in handcuffs. Yaniv told the Post that at the time of her arrest Monday, she had a seizure and was taken to the hospital before being jailed.

The Jessica Yaniv raid and British Columbia law

The Canadian Firearms Act prohibits civilian use of tasers. According to The Post Millennial, even police use of electroshock weapons has come into question since, in 2007, Polish-Canadian immigrant Robert Dziekański died of a heart attack after being tasered by mounted police.

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Meanwhile, British Columbia is a world leader in transgender rights. In 2017, the federal government passed Bill C-16 into law, protecting gender expression and gender identity. More recently, courts have recognized children’s right to determine their gender identity and even transition against the wishes of their parents.

Yaniv has been accused of several instances of harassment. She has a history of sexual online communication with teenage girls, at least one of whom has contacted a national tip-line for reporting the sexual exploitation of children. Yaniv has denied the allegations.

Cover image: A Royal Canadian Mounted Police office holds a marmot./Transgender activist Jessica Yaniv brandishes a taser in a YouTube livestream on Aug. 5 ,2019. (Screen grabs)

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