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Feminist Says Viral Video Showing Two Toddlers Hugging Is ‘Racist’

Feminist Says Viral Video Showing Two Toddlers Hugging Is ‘Racist’

According to at least one progressive commenter, the takeaway from a viral video showing two toddlers of different races hugging is not a heartwarming message about how affection can transcend cultural differences.

“I’m glad I’m not on Facebook anymore so I don’t have to watch every quietly racist cousin share that two-babies-hugging video,” Medium columnist Jessica Valenti tweeted to her nearly 300,000 followers on Tuesday.

The video Valenti is referring to was shared to Facebook by Michael D. Cisneros on Sunday and went viral this week, racking up more than half a million views.

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Numerous major outlets, including CNN and CBS, picked up the story.


Cisneros told ABC News that the clip shows his two-year-old son, Maxwell, greeting his best friend, Finnegan.

“When they are away from each other, they are always asking about one another,” he said. “They go to music class together, Dana Banana (a weekly music event) and they love to dance — both are excellent dancers.”

“With all the racism and hate going on I just think it’s a really beautiful video,” Cisneros told PIX11 News.

But Valenti, a self-described feminist author with a “bitch face” that “never rests,” appears to disagree.

“You didn’t get enough hugs as a kid, did you?”

While the majority of commenters found Cisneros’ video to be a refreshingly uplifting and apolitical break from the polarized news cycle, Valenti couldn’t stop herself from introducing progressive ideology into the discussion.

Her initial tweet, in which she suggested that racists were sharing Cisneros’ video, received more than 7,000 likes and was retweeted hundreds of times.

In a followup tweet, Valenti alluded to the “All Lives Matter” refrain used by critics of the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

“A hundred dollars says one of them posted [the video] with ‘all babies matter,'” she quipped.

Some progressives argue that gestures of unification are problematic because they erase or downplay the identities of marginalized people. Hence, the argument that calling America a “melting pot” is racist.

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While some of Valenti’s followers agreed with her take, the majority of commenters slammed her as a killjoy.

“You didn’t get enough hugs as a kid, did you?” tweeted one commenter.

Others noted that fellow progressives, such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, and Alyssa Milano, had shared the video.

Still, Valenti wasn’t the only one to point out the purportedly problematic nature of a video showing two toddlers hugging. Tariq Nasheed, a controversial anti-racism activist who calls himself the “world’s #1 Race Baiter,” shared her concerns.

“Several ppl have sent me the ‘heartwarming’ video of the two kids hugging. People have been trying to make this story go viral in order to create a ‘racial harmony’ narrative,” Nasheed tweeted on Monday. “But this is just a Trojan horse to promote the white male adoptive PARENTS of the Blk child.”

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