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Judge Rules Dad Trying to Stop 7-Year-Old Son’s Gender Transition Will Get a Say in Decisions

Judge Rules Dad Trying to Stop 7-Year-Old Son’s Gender Transition Will Get a Say in Decisions

A judge ruled Thursday that Jeff Younger has a say in whether or not his seven-year-old son goes through a gender transition.

Judge Kim Cooks of Texas’ 255th district ruled Thursday that parents Jeff Younger and Anne Georgulas will have joint guardianship over James, LifeSite News reports. This joint guardianship includes joint decision making for medical decisions.

Cooks also ordered a gag order on the father, prohibiting him from speaking to the press, a decision that means Younger’s blog “Save James” will be shut down, according to LifeSite News. Younger will not be required to pay medical fees.

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Jeff Younger had said his son is happy being a boy and does not desire to be a girl, according to The Texan. James Younger’s pediatrician mother, Anne Georgulas, as well as counselors and therapists who testified on her behalf, told the court that the 7-year-old is transgender and had expressed to each of them that he wished he were a girl.

A Texas jury decided Monday that Jeff Younger cannot stop James Younger’s social gender transition to a girl. A social transition refers to when a person begins to publicly conform to the opposite gender, according to Planned Parenthood.

Georgulas said her child’s gender identity should be affirmed by wearing dresses, being treated as a girl and being called “Luna,” according to The Texan.

The jury decided Monday that Georgulas should receive sole managing guardianship of James Younger and his twin brother Jude Younger.

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced an investigation into James Younger’s case following conservative outrage on Twitter.

Abbott tweeted that the Texas Attorney General’s Office and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services is looking into details of James Younger’s case. A judge is expected to make a final verdict in the court case Thursday.

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