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Most Major News Outlets Have Ignored Case Involving Dad Fighting Son’s Gender Transition

Most Major News Outlets Have Ignored Case Involving Dad Fighting Son’s Gender Transition

Legacy media remained silent as conservative Twitter raged over the case of 7-year-old James Younger, whose mother planned to transition him to a girl despite his father’s objections.

Most major news outlets refrained from coverage of the case in which the father, Jeff Younger said his son was happy being a boy and does not desire to be a girl. Anne Georgulas, the child’s pediatrician mother, said that the 7-year-old is transgender and had expressed that he wished he were a girl to herself and to counselors and therapists.

The Washington Post covered James Younger’s story in a Thursday morning article that consistently referred to James as “Luna,” the name Georgulas said James wished to be called.

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Outlets including The New York Times, CNN, and The Wall Street Journal did not cover the court case as of 5 p.m. on Thursday, despite tweets on the matter from politicians such as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. The publications did not respond to requests for comment from the DCNF.

Abbott announced an investigation Wednesday into James Younger’s case following conservative outrage on Twitter. Abbott tweeted that the Texas attorney general’s office and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services are examining the details of the case.

Judge Kim Cooks of Texas’s 255th district ruled Thursday that parents Younger and Anne Georgulas will have joint guardianship over James Younger, LifeSite News reported. This joint guardianship includes joint decision-making for medical decisions.

Cooks also ordered a gag order on the father, prohibiting him from speaking to the press, a decision that means Jeff Younger’s blog “Save James” will be shut down, according to LifeSite News. Jeff Younger will not be required to pay medical fees, according to the publication.

The Daily Caller News Foundation also reached out to Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union, both of which organizations remained silent regarding James Younger’s case.

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Cover image: James Younger appears in a video taken by his father, Jeff Younger, in 2015. (YouTube)

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