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LGBT Activists ‘Own’ Italy’s Trump by Kissing Each Other While Posing for Photo With Him

LGBT Activists ‘Own’ Italy’s Trump by Kissing Each Other While Posing for Photo With Him

“Now he won’t have to clear his browser history tonight.”

Two LGBT activists may not have gotten the reaction they expected when they photobombed anti-LGBT politician Matteo Salvini – who has been called Italy’s Donald Trump – by kissing each other while posing for a photo with the Italian Minister of the Interior.

Instead of being outraged, the Italian lawmaker reportedly patted one of the feminist women on the head and reshared the image on his own social media account with the message: “Best wishes, peace and good, sisters.” Salvini also appended a “kissy-face” emoji to the post.

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The photo has since gone viral, being liked more than 70,000 times on Salvini’s Instagram account.

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Auguri, pace e bene sorelle😘 #GaiaeMatilde

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Several commenters replied to a tweet CNN shared about the photo by remarking that the scene was “pretty hot.”

Multiple outlets have described Salvini, who opposes same-sex marriage and illegal immigration, as a far-right strongman with shades of Trumpism. The Italian Deputy Prime Minister, who endorsed Trump in 2016, has done little to distance himself from the label of Italy’s Donald Trump. He frequently uses a slogan that echoes one of Trump’s favorite expressions: “Prima gli italiani,” which translates to “Italians First.”

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The ideology that Salvini represents sparked activists Gaia Parisi and Matilde Rizzo’s plan to kiss each other while posing for a photo with him.

Parisi told CNN that their message was one “of love and tolerance against the language and the attitude of hatred that politicians like Matteo Salvini keep spreading.”

“But also it’s an encouragement not to give up, to keep protesting against discrimination and injustices, because even a simple and natural act like a kiss can open a political debate,” she added.

“We decided to use all the means at our disposal to protest peacefully, to be able to send our message through the platforms that unfortunately, today, seems to be the main platforms by which our ministers communicate with citizens,” Parisi told CNN. “If the inadequacy of the medium was not enough, I think that the use they make of it is really improper.”

Salvini was speaking at an event in Caltanissetta, Sicily. Parisi and Rizzo were there to protest. Realizing the conservative lawmaker was posing for selfies with supporters, the duo spotted an opening. When it was their turn for a photo opp, the two teen activists kissed.

According to Parisi, Salvini wished them well, hoped that they “have sons” and patted Rizzo on the head.

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Cover image: Matteo Salvini, aka Italy’s Donald Trump (Instagram)

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