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Instagram Model Protests ‘The Man’ by Letting Boys Fondle Her Bare Breasts

Instagram Model Protests ‘The Man’ by Letting Boys Fondle Her Bare Breasts

“This was all a prank.”

A Russian Instagram model has reportedly been accused of letting underage boys fondle her bare breasts during a protest of law enforcement.

Kira Mayer, 24, was charged with corruption of minors and will likely be fined for wearing a police uniform over her topless demonstration on the snowy streets of Moscow. According to Russian media, she he was angry because she had recently been jailed for an altercation with traffic cops during which she offered them a threesome. 

A video of Mayer’s activism shows her wandering the Russian capital in police garb and accusing men of drug-related misdemeanors, for which she threatens them with fines. Then, she displays her naked breasts and asks men if they want to touch them. After being declined, she finds three youths who eagerly take her up on her offer.

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Mayer was later arrested, local news outlets said, and she subsequently made private her Instagram account, which had nearly 150,000 followers.

Russia’s Vesti TV reported that police planned to open a criminal case against her on suspicion that the boys were not old enough for sexual activity with an adult.

She reportedly said that the stunt was somehow meant to highlight alleged police corruption. 

In the past, Mayer has complained that she was jailed on bogus charges. The officers who busted her for driving her Mercedes with a suspended license said she offered them a threesome in exchange for letting her off, and then assaulted them when they refused.

But she has claimed that the Russian police “all are fraudsters,” and that the officers sought to extort money from her after she told them she was a “public figure” and they Googled her to confirm. (They would would have found a wide selection of photos of her flaunting her wealth and physique.)

Any mistakes Mayer may have made during the exchange she has attributed to hormones.

“I had PMS, I was upset, and stressed,” she said. ‘I had been driving for nine months [while banned] and no one caught me before this.”

Mayer ended up serving three months of an 18-year prison sentence. At one point, another inmate poured boiling water on her breasts and face in an attack that Mayer attributed to widespread resentment of her looks on the inside.


Sorry or not, Mayer has joined a pantheon of sexy political protestors – a diverse group that includes a Cambridge academic, a Disney starlets, and a weather girl. But of course, things are little different in Russia, where traditional Christian culture is guarded by a police state that has not taken kindly to a decade-old feminist resistance movement that makes use of nudity.

According to the non-partisan Russian outlet Izvesiya, Mayer has since apologized for her breast-revealing behavior saying she was just trying to make a “joking video.”

“I did not want to hurt or offend the feelings of the workers of security forces in any way,” she said. “The [police] costumes were a masquerade, this was all a prank.”

Also in the video was Mayer’s fellow Russian influencer Alexander Dogonyaev, a vlogger who recently found his own fame by offering women cash to strip and wear a dog leash on camera. That one was made, he said, in memory of his runaway dog.

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