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GOP Challenger Responds to Ilhan Omar’s ‘I Am’ List With the 3 Words She ‘Glaringly Omitted’

GOP Challenger Responds to Ilhan Omar’s ‘I Am’ List With the 3 Words She ‘Glaringly Omitted’

Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Minnesota Democrat, was slammed by conservatives this week for proudly sharing a list of identity groups she belongs to without mentioning her nationality. 

In a Sunday tweet, Omar declared: “I am, Hijabi, Muslim, Black, Foreign born, Refugee, Somali.”

The congresswoman went on to gloat about her ability to provoke reactions from the political right.

“Easily triggering conservatives, Right wing bloggers, anti Muslim bigots, tinfoil conspiracy theorists, birthers …” Omar said. “… pay me a [dollar banknote emoji] to bash Muslims fraudsters, pro-occupation groups and every single xenophobe since 2016.”

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Omar capped the post with a gif of herself doing a mic check.

Many members of Conservative Twitter derided Omar, who came to the U.S. as a child refugee from her native Somalia, for leaving “American” off her Twitter list.

Dalia al-Aqidi, an Iraqi-born refugee who is one of five Republicans vying for Omar’s congressional seat, set an example for the incumbent.

“I am an American,” al-Aqidi said, adding an American flag emoji. “That’s why I’m running for Congress.”

Conservative commentator John Betts said of the “glaring omission”: “I’m surprised you didn’t at least pretend to be something other than the subversive, anti-American, Sharia adherent that you are.”

Sen. Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican, called Omar’s  failure to pay tribute to the United States “More than a little odd.”

“Wonder why?” he said. “She is a sitting member of the US Congress. But, in today’s Leftist world of intersectionality, ‘American’ is deemed embarrassing & gauche.”

This week wasn’t the first time al-Aqidi, a veteran journalist, had criticized Omar for what she called anti-American rhetoric.

The right’s problems with Ilhan Omar go way beyond her “I Am” tweet

During an appearance on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” morning program last month, al-Aqidi described her congressional bid as a stand against Omar’s “hatred and racism.”

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“As an American citizen, my duty is to defend my country and my duty is to stand up to her hatred and racism that she’s spreading within her community, within the country, and even worldwide,” al-Aqidi said. “Ilhan Omar is harming every American with her hatred, her standing against what we believe in, [and] against our own Constitution.

“I came to the U.S. more than 25 years ago. So, basically, I’m not a refugee anymore. I’m not an Iraqi anymore. I’m an American. Period,” she added.

Before that, in August, al-Aqidi was “shadow banned” by Twitter after using the platform to question Omar’s loyalties.

Omar has often been accused from the right of being unpatriotic or worse. But she and her allies have generally dismissed the critics as bigots.

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