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Husband Hacks Penis Off Man He Allegedly Caught Sexually Assaulting Wife

Husband Hacks Penis Off Man He Allegedly Caught Sexually Assaulting Wife

A Ukrainian man hacked off the penis of a man whom he says he caught attacking his wife, according to local news reports. 

The 27-year-old husband was headed home in Shevchenkovo in eastern Ukraine on Saturday when he said he saw Dmitry Ivchenko, 25, sexually assaulting his wife, The Sun reported.

The couple had just eaten with friends at a restaurant, and the man’s wife left 10 minutes before he did, reports said. When he reached their apartment block, the man said he heard noises in the bushes and spotted Ivchenko choking his wife as he raped her.

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After punching Ivchenko in the head, the unnamed husband took out his Swiss Army knife and cut off the other man’s penis, according to reports.

“The husband lost the ability to control his actions,” his attorney, Dmitry Spaskin, said. “He did not understand what he was doing.”

Spaskin said the man, still in a “state of shock,” then walked more than 8 miles to a neighboring village, where he asked a friend to take him to a police station.

The lawyer told the Daily Mail that his client “confessed in full” early Sunday to cutting off Ivchenko’s penis. He was charged with causing grievous bodily harm and sentenced to house arrest, The Sun reported.

Ivchenko was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery, according to the newspaper. Doctors could not say whether the man’s penis can be reattached or whether it will function.

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Police were stationed at Ivchenko’s hospital amid an investigation into the rape allegations.

“The rapist said that he was dumped by his girlfriend a week ago,” prosecutor Tetiana Vasileva said. “On the day of the incident, he drank a liter of vodka. He is refusing to say more so far.”

Cover image: A unnamed man who was arrested for cutting off the penis of Dmitry Ivchenko, whom she says he caught sexually assaulting his wife. (Screen grab)

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