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CBS Panel Agrees Hunter Biden’s ‘Awful’ Interview Was Damning for His Dad: ‘You Look Guilty’

CBS Panel Agrees Hunter Biden’s ‘Awful’ Interview Was Damning for His Dad: ‘You Look Guilty’

Hosts and politicians on “CBS This Morning” Tuesday noted that Hunter Biden’s recent interview with ABC News was a bad look for his father’s campaign and on noted that it made Hunter “look guilty.”

Hunter spoke to ABC’s Amy Robach in an exclusive interview that aired partially on “Good Morning America” Tuesday. The interview delved into Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine and how it could hurt former Vice President Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign.

Co-host Anthony Mason wondered aloud on CBS if Joe Biden will have to answer questions about his son’s Ukraine dealings during Tuesday’s Democratic debate, and co-host Tony Dokoupil noted that Hunter “may have handed some spears to the opposition with an interview today.”

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“Look, he did profit off of his father’s name,” Terry Sullivan, a CBS News political contributor and Marco Rubio’s former campaign adviser said. “You know, at least he’s taking responsibility for it, but it does look kind of awful – if I was sitting next to Hunter Biden, what I’d say is, ‘Don’t ever go on TV again, ever. You look awful. You look guilty.’ You know?”


Sullivan’s comments came after Robby Mook, a Democratic strategist and Hillary Clinton’s campaign strategist for her 2016 presidential campaign, suggested that Hunter’s actions are “nothing compared to” what President Donald Trump and his family has done. Mook suggested that Hunter Biden needs to “buck up” and deal with the repercussions of the accusations.

“Sadly, look, these things are really hard. I don’t think this is going away,” Mook said. “And there’s no perfect solution. The campaign’s just got to manage through it.”

“Look, if I were sitting next to Hunter Biden right now, I’d say, ‘Buck up, my friend.’ I mean, what – what happened here is nothing compared to what the Trump family has done.”

Hunter Biden admitted Tuesday morning to Robach that perhaps he did make a mistake in serving on the Ukrainian gas company’s board. However, he asserted that the mistake was not due to “some unethical lapse.”

Trump has hit back at Joe Biden and accused him of using his position as Vice President to pressure Ukrainian officials into firing its top prosecutor who was investigating the gas company that Hunter sat on the board of.

This comes after an August whistleblower complaint, largely based on a July 25 phone call, alleged that the president asked Ukrainian officials to look into Joe Biden and his son.

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