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Liz Warren Gets Reality Check on $52 Trillion ‘Medicare for All’ Plan From – Hillary

Liz Warren Gets Reality Check on $52 Trillion ‘Medicare for All’ Plan From – Hillary

Hillary Clinton poured cold water Wednesday on Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare for All plan, saying she doubts the $52 trillion proposal could ever be enacted.

“I don’t believe we should be in the midst of a big disruption while we are trying to get to 100 percent coverage and deal with costs,” Clinton said at an event hosted by The New York Times.

“The smarter approach is to build on what we have; a public option is something I’ve been in favor of for a very long time,” said Clinton.

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Clinton went on to say that she would support a debate on any universal health care plan, but that it was not politically feasible.

“You just don’t think that that plan would ever get enacted?” Aaron Ross Sorkin, the event moderator, asked.

“No, I don’t. I don’t. But the goal is the right goal,” said Clinton, who polled neck-and-neck with Joe Biden in a hypothetical poll of the Democratic field released on Sunday.

Clinton did not address the main criticism leveled at Warren’s plan, which she unveiled last Friday.

The Massachusetts Democrat pledged that she will not raise taxes on the middle class, and will instead fund her 10-year proposal through taxes on billionaires and mega-millionaires.

“Not one penny in middle-class tax increases,” Warren promised.

Critics of the plan have argued that Warren could not raise $52 trillion without raised taxes substantially on the middle class.

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