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‘Ungrateful’ Woman Publicly Shames Fiancé for Proposing With His Grandma’s ‘Ugly’ Ring

‘Ungrateful’ Woman Publicly Shames Fiancé for Proposing With His Grandma’s ‘Ugly’ Ring

“It took just about everything in me not to laugh.”

A woman publicly belittled her fiancé for proposing to her with his grandmother’s ring, and was subsequently taken down a peg on Reddit Wednesday.

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In a Facebook post, the unidentified woman shared that her boyfriend “finally” asker her to marry him. While she was apparently satisfied with that development, the ring did not meet her expectations.

“[H]e pulled it out of his pocket and it took just about everything in me not to laugh and question whether this was real life or not LMAO,” she said.

Eventually, though, the woman found the strength to “tolerate” the gift, she said, noting that “it was his grandmothers [sic] and the pearl is my birthstone and i think that’s the only reason i’ve been able to tolerate it.” She added laughing and crying emojis.

Commenters on the r/trashy subreddit were appalled by the woman’s behavior, deeming her prime “trashy” material.

“People really are trash,” said u/chicagodogmom606.

Many felt that she should show a little gratitude.

“She’s lucky enough to have a man that loves her enough to want to marry her and spend the rest of his life with her. Quit complaining about the ring and just be grateful and happy. Sigh,” said u/SassySarah85.

Others urged the man to get out of the engagement while he still could.

“Dude, not too late to back out,” advised u/sausage-deluxxxe.

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Another contingent of Redditors defended the woman, saying the man had picked the wrong wring.

“That ring is butt ugly, I don’t blame her,” said u/lamf_catlady666

Some felt he had a responsibility to consult his girlfriend about her expectations.

“It’s partly his fault for not gauging her reaction and her wants,” said u/ThePandarantula. “An engagement ring is something they will have for a while and it’s important to actually know what kind of style your future wife would want.”

However, a lot people split the difference, faulting the woman not for disliking the ring, but for complaining about it on social media. She and the ring deserve each other, they said.

“The only thing tackier than that ring is this woman,” said u/agatha-burnett. “I guess she deserved it in the end.”

Obnoxious brides, moms, and couples have become staples of the social media diet, as has getting outraged about them.

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