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Australian Woman Decries Lies Told to Young Girls About Their Careers in Anti-Feminist Video

Australian Woman Decries Lies Told to Young Girls About Their Careers in Anti-Feminist Video

“I’m sorry we lied to you.”

In a video that’s garnered nearly 70,000 views since being published last week, an Australian physician and YouTube personality challenged prevailing feminist wisdom that tells young girls that the path toward becoming “powerful, liberated” and “fulfilled” women is found exclusively in “all-consuming” careerism.

Inspired by a question fielded by Canadian public intellectual Jordan Peterson during a panel on Australia’s “ABC Q&A” program last week, Georgia Free delivered a monologue to her younger, presumably feminist, teenage self that denounced conventional progressive thinking on the topic of women and work.

Free has in the past been vocal about her admiration for the University of Toronto professor.

“Dear teenage girls of the past and present, working women are actually more often jealous of and less happy than stay-at-home moms, but we told you it was the other way around. I’m sorry we lied to you,” Free said in a video entitled, “they lied to me when i was a teenage girl. Now I face reality.”

“We told you time and time again that in order to be happy, powerful, liberated, in order to have a fulfilled and purpose-driven life and be recognized as a valued member of society, that you’d have to have a lifelong, dedicated, and all-consuming career,” she added. “We started telling you this in primary school and we ramped it up and up to high school and beyond. We brought in female guest speakers who told you of their amazing success and happiness in engineering, science, and business. But we forgot to tell you that those women who find happiness in that alone are the minority of women. And you are probably not in the minority.”

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Throughout her diatribe against the standard tenets of feminism, Free pushes back against the idea that women who opt for the type of life idealized by the patriarchal viewpoint – most classically represented by the stereotypical 1950’s housewife – are necessarily less happy than career-focused feminists.

Studies and surveys attempting to compare the notoriously hard-to-define metric of “happiness” among working women versus those who stay at home have led, predictably, to a mixed bag of results.

In various videos uploaded to her channel, Free has recounted her transformation from a feminism-supporting leftist, to her current status as a champion of traditional values and decrier of progressive thought.

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