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‘Game of Thrones’ SJWs Outraged by ‘Hella Ableist’ Ending – Hate Disabled King’s Nickname

‘Game of Thrones’ SJWs Outraged by ‘Hella Ableist’ Ending – Hate Disabled King’s Nickname

“Literally calling him the one thing that Bran HATED being called. Great!”

Spoiler alert: Social justice warriors were triggered by the “Game of Thrones” series finale on Sunday.

Also, Brandon Stark was named king of Westeros. After Tyrion made the case that Bran’s story of overcoming adversity made him the best choice, the royals of Westeros assented.

However, in the woke media, no title is as glorious as that of victim. So, while the finale could easily be seen as a victory for disabled representation – what with a dwarf helping to make a paraplegic king – many commentators chose to focus on the new monarch’s politically incorrect nickname: Bran the Broken.

Writer Vanessa Angelica Villarreal called the monicker “wild ableist,” and suggested a number of alternatives.

Commenters chimed in with more suggestions.

A particularly hardcore fanboy complained that Bran’s fictional feelings had been hurt.

One woman offered a non-culture wars counter-take, pointing out that “Brand the Broken” was meant to highlight Bran’s hard-won humility, which is what qualified him to rule. But she was mostly ignored.

Dominick Evans, a gamer and transgender and disability activist, disapproved of both Bran’s nickname and the reaction to him winning the game of thrones.

Among those who reacted negatively were feminists. Having thoroughly trashed Season 8 for allegedly indulging in sexist tropes, many of them were unprepared to accept a king, disabled or not.

Young adult writer Jenna Giuillaume wasn’t going to take it anymore after Jon Snow killed would-be progressive queen turned war criminal Daenerys Targaryen.

Roxane Gay suggested the writers of the fantasy series lacked the imagination to end with a woman on top.

While the fat activist took some comfort in Arya Stark’s plans to continue adventuring, journalist and #SexStrike scab Talia Lavin told herself that the real “Game of Thrones” “yas queen” was Sansa Stark, who managed to win independence for the North.

Identity-conscious journalist Ben Faulding saw privilege at work in Tyrion’s appointment as Hand of the King.

For those struggling with developments in Westeros, is offering “Game of Thrones”-specific counseling for just $50 an hour.

Cover image: Isaac Hempstead Wright as Brandon Stark in HBO’s “Game of Thrones”/Dominick Evans. (Screen grabs)

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