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Feminists Respond to Alyssa Milano’s #SexStrike: ‘More Dick for the Rest of Us’

Feminists Respond to Alyssa Milano’s #SexStrike: ‘More Dick for the Rest of Us’

“Fuck whomever and support abortion funds.”

Alyssa Milano’s call on Twitter Friday for women to launch a #SexStrike over new restrictions on abortion did not get the reaction she was hoping for.

While some liberals signed on to the campaign, Woke Twitter generally joined conservatives in opposing it – albeit for very different reasons. A number of prominent feminists accused Milano of setting back women’s sexual liberation.

Immigration reporter Tina Vasquez told Milano to “go back to acting.” Addressing her fellow women, she urged: “Get dicked down all you want. You deserve it in this hellscape.”

Imami Gandy, a pro-abortion legal analyst, similarly suggested that women “fuck whoever and support abortion funds.”

Striking a more academic tone, Playboy writer Maria Del Russo said Milano was creating a “power imbalance where men feel like they have to coerce sex from a woman and woman feel like they have to weaponize their sex lives.”

User @leftheprairer said that Milano’s #SexStrike played into the hands of conservatives who seek to promote women’s abstinence, but said she was fine with the campaign if it meant “more dick for the rest of us.”

Journalist Bridget Phetasy said she wanted to hear from Milano’s husband.

Long divided over the issue of “sluttiness,” the feminist movement has lately been riven by issues that have less to do with ideology and more to do with identity. Milano has been widely derided as a representative of “white feminism” – i.e. not properly “intersectional” and inclusive.

Even though the actress did not mention race or sexuality in her #SexStrike tweet, feminist journalist Victoria Brownworth protested that “not all women are white nor have sex with men.”

Intersex writer Jes Skolnik said the campaign excluded “us homos/trans people.”

Reagan Gomez said the lack of support from women who are not “cisgender,” heterosexual and white indicated that Milano and other #SexStrike advocates “prolly fucked up.”

On a lighter note, Brooklyn-based actress and writer Eva Victor shared a parody video of herself “explaining to my boyfriend why we’re going on a sex strike” – which quickly went viral.

“You’re gonna get so horny that you explode and basically run to Georgia and change all the laws. Do you know what I mean?” she says,” referring to Georgia’s passage on Tuesday of the “heartbeat law,” which effectively bans abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. “I’m doing it for Alyssa Milano.”

Milano responded to the backlash by retweeting supportive posts and, on Saturday, announcing she is working on an op-ed about the #SexStrike. “Can’t wait for you all to read,” she said.

Since helping to launch the #MeToo movement against sexual assault and sexual harassment in 2017, Milano has tried promote a number of other feminist campaigns. But she has struggled to repeat her initial success.

Last week, she was mocked for trying to hijack a campaign to get Wendy’s to bring back its spicy chicken nuggets and turn it into a boycott of the fast-food chain for “refusing to protect farmworker women from sexual assault & rape in the fields.”

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