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Feminist Rides Horse Through Town to End ‘Patriarchy’ – Ends Up Just Showing Tourists Her Boobs

“I have stripped off to expose the inaction of government on climate change.”

A topless young woman rode into Melbourne, Australia, on a white horse Monday as a feminist protest against climate change.

Sarah Keecher, 31, paraded through the city’s business district in Lady Godiva-like regalia. Despite the cold, she wore only a bikini bottom, knee-high boots, a cape and a flower in her blonde hair, which covered her exposed breasts in braids.

“I have stripped off to expose the inaction of government on climate change,” Keecher declared.“We all need to take a stand for our planet and that starts at the polling booth on Saturday.”

The stunt was arranged by two Australian Senate candidates with the stated purpose of shocking the nation into taking action to save the planet. One of the would-be senators, Cordner Hunt, said she sought to counter what she called “a great deal of negative PR” about climate change in Australia.

Her newly formed Independents for Climate Action Now is competing in federal elections to be held next month. The party has advocated transitioning the country to 100 percent renewable energy by 2030, including by requiring all new homes to use solar power when possible, taxing carbon emissions, and banning new fossil fuel extraction.

But the horseback protests seemed to do little to advance the cause of climate justice, and not just because flatulent livestock contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. According to local media, Keecher most attracted attention from tourists, who wanted to take selfies with the busty blonde beauty.

In the United States, some observers – including House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. – have suggested that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s activism on behalf of the Green New Deal is similarly skin-deep. The plan, which is in many way similar to Climate Action Now’s platform, has been widely derided as unrealistic and ineffective.

For the record, Lady Godiva’s immodest equestrianism was a feminist protest with a Republican goal. According to legend, the English noblewoman was opposing the high taxes her husband had imposed on his tenants.

Cover image: Sarah Keecher protests in Melbourne, Australia, on May 14, 2019. (Screen grabs)


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