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Feminist Lesbian Outrages Libs by Refusing to Use Transgender Rapist’s Preferred Pronouns

Feminist Lesbian Outrages Libs by Refusing to Use Transgender Rapist’s Preferred Pronouns

“It doesn’t matter that he sexually assaulted two women in a women’s prison.”

A feminist activist complained Monday that she was kicked off a city queer rights-initiative for using the wrong pronoun to describe a transgender convicted rapist.

Julia Beck made the allegation during a discussion panel at the conservative Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC. She addressed it toward the Baltimore mayor’s LGBTQ Commission, of which she was the only lesbian co-chair. She called the experience “as unbelievable and absurd as it is common place.”

“I got kicked off of the Baltimore mayor’s LGBTQ Commission as the only lesbian, simply for stating biological facts,” she said. “After a months’ long witch hunt, I was found guilty of ‘violence.’ My crime? Using male pronouns to talk about a convicted male rapist who identifies as transgender and prefers female pronouns.”

Beck went on to complain that the commission seemed to care more about the trans woman’s pronouns that about what Beck herself saw as the real danger: the rapist’s placement in a women’s prison.

“It doesn’t matter that he sexually assaulted two women in a women’s prison after being transferred there on account of his ‘gender identity,’” she said. “Oh no, it is far more criminal for me to call a male rapist ‘he’ than it is for him to rape.”

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Beck has told this story in detail before, saying that it happened at an emergency meeting of the commission in December 2018. The rapist she was referring to is Karen White, a British trans woman who, after being jailed in a women’s prison, went on to sexually assault other female inmates.

Beck recounted on Monday that members of the commission took turns speaking against her “fitness as a leader.” She said the grilling was “worse than you can imagine,” and included having Ava Pipitonethe, the body’s president, who identifies as a trans lesbian, accuse her of transphobia.

“Biological sex was a thing of the past,” she recalled one man at the meeting saying; to which she retorted, by her own account, “How can we be homosexual, if sex is fake?”

According to Beck, she was then removed from the commission by a vote that unanimous other than her own dissent.

The Baltimore LGBTQ Commission did not respond over the weekend to Pluralist’s request for its version of events.

Echoing other women activists derogatorily called “trans-exclusionary radical feminists,” Beck argued that the trans rights movement and feminism are locked in a zero-sum game with each other: any progress achieved by one is a step backwards for the other.

“Everything is about the ‘T’ now, entirely eclipsing the ‘L,’ ‘G,’ and ‘B,’” she said. “The ‘T’ is diametrically opposed to the first three letters in the acronym, and especially to the ‘L.’”

“We are losing an entire generation of sisters to this madness. That’s why it’s personal. It’s infuriating. It’s devastating,” Beck added.

Kara Dansky, a lawyer and self-described “radical feminist,” also spoke on the panel, which was organized against the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Equality Act, a pro-LGBT bill intended to increase the government’s power to prosecute discrimination on the basis of gender identity.

“This is a men’s rights movement — this is really a men’s rights movement,” Dansky said, warning that the legislation could lead to renewed discrimination against women.

The LGBTQ movement has won rapid social acceptance (just take a moment to ponder the fact of the Heritage Foundation sponsoring a panel of lesbians and radical feminists). And so, internal tensions between the different identity groups covered under the movement’s broad umbrella are now coming to the fore.

Trans activists believe that people who can’t relate to their biological sex remain the most discriminated-against sub-group. Against them are feminists, and cisgender lesbians and homosexuals who fear that the endgame of transgender activism is the erasure of their own unique lived experience.

At the same time, the aggressive sensitivity of progressivism has made the debate very challenging, with any departure from liberal orthodoxy being chalked up to reprehensible (and — in some countries — criminal) bigotry.

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Cover image: Julie Beck speaks at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC, on Jan. 28, 2018. (Screen grab from YouTube)

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