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Feminist Director Starts Talking About Her Period During Woke Oscars Acceptance Speech

Feminist Director Starts Talking About Her Period During Woke Oscars Acceptance Speech

“And this is why Trump won.”

Rayka Zehtabchi spoke for many when she took the stage at the Academy Awards on Sunday to accept an Oscar for her documentary about “menstruation equality.”

“I’m not crying because I’m on my period or anything,” said the director, clutching her golden statuette for best documentary short subject. “I can’t believe a film about menstruation just won an Oscar!”

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“Period. End of Sentence” was made to promote the nonprofit Pad Project, which brought a machine that makes sanitary pads to a rural village outside of Delhi, India. The Netflix documentary short focuses on how the contraption helped the women of the village and empowered them to challenge the local taboo against periods.

In her tearful acceptance speech, Zehtabchi, 25, the first Iranian-American Oscar winner, thanked the female villagers, saying, “Know that you are empowering women all over the world to fight for menstrual equality.”

Melissa Berton, a producer on the film who is also a high school English teacher in Los Angeles, told the Hollywood crowd, “This film began because high school students here and our brave partners at Action India wanted to make a difference, a human rights difference.”

She added to applause: “A period should end a sentence – not a girl’s education!”

Menstrual equality has in recent years become a feminist cause célèbre, though activists have been careful not to exclude transgender women.

The victory for “Period. End of Sentence” was one of many woke moments at this year’s academy awards, which provoked the usual conservative frustration.

Director Spike Lee advocated against President Donald Trump in accepting his first Oscar, best adapted screenplay, for “BlacKkKlansman.” Alfonso Cuarón of Mexico claimed best director for “Roma.” Rami Malek became the first Arab to win best actor for his star turn in “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Female “Black Panther” designers were the first African-Americans to take home their respective awards.

And Selma Blair, who recently revealed her multiple sclerosis diagnosis, walked the red carpet with a cane.


Still, many liberals deemed the awards show insufficiently woke. In particular, the best picture win by “Green Book” was widely protested because the film was made by white men and allegedly traffics in racial cliches. Never mind that the black actor whose character is supposedly stereotyped, Mahershala Ali, won a second best supporting actor Oscar for his performance.

Lee, who recently called Christopher Columbus a terrorist, tried to storm out of the Kodak Theatre after “Green Book” beat out “BlacKkKlansman in the category. He reportedly turned his back to the stage during the acceptance speech and later huffed: “the ref made a bad call.

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Cover image: Director Rayka Zehtabchi accepts the Oscar for best documentary short subject at the Academy Awards in Hollywood, California, on Feb. 24, 2019. (Screen grab from YouTube)

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