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Female Politician Who Destroyed Man’s Career Resigns After Truth Emerges: She ‘Licked’ His Face

Female Politician Who Destroyed Man’s Career Resigns After Truth Emerges: She ‘Licked’ His Face

“She starts here and goes all the way up to the point where you can’t stand it anymore.”

A local Florida politician has resigned over allegations that she licked a male colleague’s face and groped his groin without his consent.

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Nancy Oakley, a former Madeira Beach city commissioner, handed in her resignation last Tuesday even as she denied the allegations by former City Manager Shane Crawford of what amount to sexual assault. On Wednesday, the commission held a special meeting during which they accepted her resignation and censured her.

Oakley’s ouster came after the Florida Commission on Ethics last month found her guilty of violating state ethics laws and fined her $5,000. The commission also asked Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis to issue a public rebuke of Oakley. 

The alleged incident occurred at a 2012 public event at a local baseball field during Oakley’s previous term in office. Crawford held off on filing the complaint until 2017, when Oakley was running for reelection.

According to the Florida Commission on Ethics, Oakley ran her tongue “up the side of his neck and face” and “groped his penis and buttocks.” When Crawford’s executive assistant, Cheryl Crawford nee McGrady said Oakley’s actions were inappropriate, Oakley allegedly “threw a punch” at the woman.

Oakley, who has admitted she had been drinking at the time, was said to have previously asked Shane Crawford to leave the event. She was apparently upset over what she saw as an inappropriate relationship between Crawford and his assistant, who have since married.

In June, Oakley, Mayor Maggie Black, and Commissioner John Douthirt forced Crawford to resign after he had an ethics complaint filed against him over his allegedly budding romance with his future wife.

Crawford last month told local Bay 9 News that Oakley had a “habit of licking men that either she was attracted to or thought that she had authority over.”

He said: “She starts here and goes all the way up to the point where you can’t stand it anymore and that’s after consuming enough (alcohol) and smoking enough cigarettes.”

Oakley has denied that the incident ever occurred and said she will appeal the ethics violation decision against her. In her resignation letter, she said that she made the “difficult decision” to resign to “still the controversy” over her action.

“It is time for us all to move on,” she averred.

Meanwhile, Crawford said he was pleased with Oakley’s ouster but upset that his city has become a “national joke.”

“There seems to be no middle ground here,” Crawford said. “It is absolute chaos.”

Sex and politics: The bad blood between Oakley and Crawford has been part of a long-running feud over plans for the town’s development. Last February, an unsuccessful bid was made to recall Oakley’s election.

Amid the #MeToo movement, which has sought to highlight and eradicate male sexual misconduct against women, Oakley’s case was among a number that have seen the roles of alleged male aggressor and female victim reversed.

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