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Liz Warren’s Son-in-Law Produced a Film in 2008 — Turns Out the Iranian Government Funded It

Liz Warren’s Son-in-Law Produced a Film in 2008 — Turns Out the Iranian Government Funded It

A new book claims the son-in-law of Sen. Elizabeth Warren produced a 2008 film that was funded by the Iranian government.

Investigative journalist Peter Schweizer made the revelation in his latest book, “Profiles in Corruption,” which was released on Tuesday.

A chapter describes how Warren’s Indian-born son-in-law Sushil Tyagi, who is married to the Massachusetts Democrat’s daughter Ameilia, produced “The Song of Sparrows,” a movie directed by Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi.

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According to an archived New York Times page, the film was bankrolled in part by the State Welfare Organization of Iran and the Cultural and Artistic Organization of Tehran,

Both organizations are controlled by the Iranian regime, according to Schweizer.

The Cultural and Artistic Organization of Tehran has promoted regime propaganda and antisemitic events on its Facebook page, Breitbart reported.

“A new plan for the destruction of Israel will be launched, and the Quds Cultural Radio station will be located at the Radio Station. Also, the ‘I love the fight against Israel’ is distributed among the people,” said the description for one such event, Quds Day on the last day of Ramadan.

Tyagi is reportedly close with Warren, who attended his brother’s wedding in India.

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The 2020 presidential candidate and her husband also served as witnesses for a power of attorney document Tyagi filed in India.

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