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Man Dresses in Drag So He Can Secretly Film Women in a Public Restroom

Man Dresses in Drag So He Can Secretly Film Women in a Public Restroom

Police in the central Japanese city of Toyohashi arrested a man on suspicion of lewd conduct last month for donning a wig, dressing in drag and entering a public restroom to videotape women.

Yasufumi Makino, 26, admitted to the charge, Japan Today reported.

The incident involving Makino, a part-time high school teacher, took place at a shopping complex.

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According to Japan Today, Makino was stopped after a mall employee told a male colleague she thought someone might have been filming her in the bathroom.


The woman’s colleague waited outside the restroom and apprehended Makino when he emerged.

The bathroom debate

Restroom access has been part of a national, as well as globalculture war over transgender rights, which includes social institutions from sports to the military to prisons. Liberals argue that transgender rights are human rights, while conservatives warn of a threat to values and the safety of women and children.

In the U.S., Massachusetts is among a number of states that have passed anti-discrimination laws enshrining transgender people’s restroom rights. Other states are considering legislation that would outlaw people from using restrooms that do not correspond with their biological sex.

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But the advance of those conservative-backed bills may have been retarded by the liberal outrage that followed North Carolina’s passage of such a law in 2016. The legislature partially repealed the law a year later.

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