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Male Feminists Can’t Satisfy Their Wives the Way Conservative Men Do, the Data Shows

Male Feminists Can’t Satisfy Their Wives the Way Conservative Men Do, the Data Shows

“Women on the left and the right enjoy higher quality marriages than those in the middle — but especially wives on the right.”

Extremely conservative men have the happiest wives, according to a new study by the Institute for Family Studies and the Wheatley Institution.

Fully 72 percent of women lucky enough to be married to such men report being “very happy,” the researchers found. Men who are extremely liberal came in a distant second despite presumably being male feminists.

In a New York Times op-ed published Saturday, three of the authors of the study – two sociologist and a marriage expert – pointed out that their results fly in the face of elite conventional wisdom.

“Couples who live according to egalitarian values, sharing domestic responsibilities like housework and cooking, have long been seen as superior by most academics, journalists and public intellectuals engaged in the national conversation about the American family,” they said.

But after analyzing data on women in heterosexual relationships in 11 developed countries, including the United States, the researchers discovered otherwise.

“When it comes to relationship quality, there is a J-curve in women’s marital happiness, with women on the left and the right enjoying higher quality marriages than those in the middle — but especially wives on the right,” they said.

Among religious couples, conservatives were even more dominant, with 73 percent of conservatives wives reporting above average relationship quality compared to 60 percent of progressives. Progressive secular men scored better than their conservative counterparts, though – 55 percent versus 33 percent.

The researchers hypothesized that conservative men tend to have a faith-based commitment to family, which feminism imbues in secular men in a different way and to a lesser degree.

“Both feminism and faith give family men a clear code: They are supposed to play a big role in their kids’ lives,” they said. “Devoted dads are de rigueur in these two communities. And it shows: Both culturally progressive and religiously conservative fathers report high levels of paternal engagement.”

To explain the relatively unhappy wives of the religious and ideological middle, the researchers pointed to a lack of religious life on one hand, and their husband’s failure to get fully woke on the other.

“We also suspect that these groups are less likely to have husbands who have made the transition to the ‘new father’ ideal that’s gained currency in modern America — and they’re not happy with their partner’s disengagement,” they said.

Get woke

The Institute for Family Studies’ report – titled “The Ties That Bind: Is Faith a Global Force for Good or Ill in the Family?” – strikes a blow against the assailers of “toxic masculinity,” be they feminists or transgender activists. Traditional gender roles may be “deplorable,” but the researchers show the may also be more important than liberals want to admit.

Get triggered

The New York Times Opinion Section tweeted out the op-ed on Sunday, saying: “It turns out that the happiest of all wives in America are religious conservatives, followed by their progressive counterparts.”

Religious readrsresponded by celebrating their divinely inspired victory.

But liberals were outraged. Many suggested that Christian women are too brainwashed to realize they’re unhappy.

Conservatives pushed back on the outpouring of liberal bitterness, with some suggesting maybe the commenters weren’t so happy with their relationships.

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