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CNN Slammed for Asking ‘How Black’ the Royal Baby Is: ‘Super Duper Black’ or ‘Normal’?

CNN Slammed for Asking ‘How Black’ the Royal Baby Is: ‘Super Duper Black’ or ‘Normal’?

“This is one of the dumbest headlines this year.”

Meghan Markle’s birthing of a mixed-race baby Monday was widely hailed in the U.S. media as a landmark for racial progress. Apparently, it was a modern first for the British royal family.

But CNN decided to try its hand at what the kids call a “hot take.” In an essay that quickly went viral for all the wrong reasons, the network’s own John Blake took on the allegedly “dangerous” myth that interracial babies are a good thing.

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The problem with this idea, according to Blake, is that it fetishizes the babies as a kind of “Great Mixed-Race Hope.” Speaking as a former interracial child turned interracial adult, he said, “We’re now cool; we’re hip. We have superpowers of racial healing.”

Those stereotypes might not sound so bad. But Blake found reasons to complain. For one thing, he claimed that people only really like interracial children who look mostly white.

“Would Meghan be so beloved if she looked more like her mother in complexion and hair texture?” he approvingly quoted The Root editor Nsenga Burton as saying. “Meghan clearly had a nose job, which speaks to her profession – acting – but also to how she wants others to see her in the world.”

Blake went on to suggest that defining blackness is impossibly complex. Regarding the royal baby, he asked: “What percentage of blackness will the baby have? Will its race be based on its appearance? How black can it be?”

However, he asserted that nobody would ever consider calling the baby white because of a cultural hangover from the Jim Crowe era, when “one drop” of blood was enough to make a person black.

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According to Blake, Jim Crowe also explains why Americans have a “preoccupation with the precise racial mixture of the royal baby.”

Never mind that his article was by far the most high-profile example of this “preoccupation,” or that many mixed-race Americans, including Burton, fiercely defend their black identity.

While some people praised Blake for raising important questions, many Twitter users deemed his concerns borderline racist and slammed CNN for publishing them.

Much of the backlash centered on a bolded subheading in his article that read: “How black will the royal baby be?”

Blake’s gestures at wokeness did little to ingratiate him to fellow liberals. Eric Haywood, a screenwriter for Fox’s “Empire,” mocked his essay as a lame attempt at virtue signaling.

Former CNN anchor Soledad O’Brein said it showed that the network needs more “people of color” making decisions.

Ex-CNN contributor Roland Martin agreed, saying the network had managed to publish “one of the dumbest headlines this year.”

On the right side of Twitter, conservatives took the opportunity to kick CNN while it was down.

However, Blake was actually trying to make a point that many conservatives would agree with. Near the end of his convoluted 2,000-plus word analysis, he argued that focusing on empowering racial minorities is the wrong way to achieve social justice.

Instead, he proposed: “We have to get rid of race.”

“Imagine a child born to a couple like the Duke and Duchess, and no one obsesses over their racial mixture, or how white or black they look. Imagine if that child was born with dark skin, a wide nose and kinky hair – and people would still call that child ‘gorgeous,'” he said. “All that would matter is that the child has two parents who love him or her.”

He added: “That’s the kind of fairy tale I’m waiting for.”

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