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Democrat Town Hall Comes to a Screeching Halt After Black Trans Woman Hijacks the Mic

Democrat Town Hall Comes to a Screeching Halt After Black Trans Woman Hijacks the Mic

A black trans woman took a microphone from a woman asking a quesiton to 2020 presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke at the CNN LGBTQ Forum Thursday.

In a startling moment at the LGBTQ forum, Blossom, a black trans woman from the audience, took the mic and proceeded to rant against “anti-blackness” and the dangers that “black trans women” face.

“Let me tell you something, black trans women are being killed in this country and CNN you have erased black trans women for the last time,” Blossom shouted into the mic.

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“Trans women are dying. Our lives matter. I am an extraordinary black trans woman, and I deserve to be here. My black trans sisters that are here. I am so tired of — it’s not just my black trans women and black trans brothers too. I’m going to say what I’m going to say,” Blossom shouted. 

“Your actions have to speak louder than words. Guess what? Not one black trans woman has taken the mic tonight. Not one black trans man has taken the mic tonight. Show me,” Blossom shouted at O’Rourke and moderator Don Lemon. 

“Blossom, blossom — thank you, I appreciate it,” Lemon told Blossom. “Blossom, you’re a black trans woman. You have the mic in your hand. I’ve taken it and given it back to you. We want to hear from you. We’ve had trans people of color and you’re welcome, but we are proud and happy that you’re here. We’re proud and happy that you’re here. Remember, we’re under a time constraint. Thank you, blossom and I appreciate it.

“That’s how anti-blackness works, amongst people of color. That’s what anti-blackness looks like, the erasure of black trans people. We are here in this room, please give us that opportunity,” Blossom told him. 

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