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CNN Attempt to Prove Trump Wrong Fails Epically

CNN Attempt to Prove Trump Wrong Fails Epically

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo unsuccessfully tried to prove President Donald Trump wrong about the mechanics of telephones Thursday, humiliating himself on live TV.

“Very interesting theory from our president,” Cuomo said, starting a phone call with his mother, “he’s never been able to hear a phone call when it wasn’t on speakerphone—from anybody. So let’s just play with that for a second. Mom can you hear me?”

Cuomo then fumbled through an attempted conversation between him, his mother and CNN correspondent Dana Bash, without speaker phone on. Nobody could hear anything from the phone.

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“Mom? Mom? She probably can’t hear me,” he said.

Then he turned on speakerphone and asked again, and his mother said “I hear you.” But when he turned speakerphone off, they went back to not being able to hear each other, just as Trump said would happen.

Trump took to Twitter in order to dispute the claim by David Holmes, an impeachment witness testifying Thursday, that Holmes was able to overhear a phone conversation between the Trump and EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland. The conversation was not on speakerphone, but Holmes claimed he could understand it because Trump was speaking loudly.

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This isn’t the first time Cuomo publicly embarrassed himself. He recently claimed being called “Fredo” was the equivalent of a black person being called the N-word, which drew widespread mockery. He also had to apologize for mocking the idea of personal pronouns during an LGBT town hall.

Cover image: CNN anchors Dana Bash, left, and Chris Cuomo interact on-air on Nov. 21, 2019. (YouTube)

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