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MSNBC Host Asks Black Guest If Working on Campaigns Was Like ‘Slavery’

MSNBC Host Asks Black Guest If Working on Campaigns Was Like ‘Slavery’

“Come on, you are talking to a woman of color here.”

MSNBC host Chris Matthews was called out Friday by a guest panelist after he tried to compare political campaign work to slavery.

Juanita Tolliver, the campaign director for the Center for American Progress Action Fund, was taken aback during her appearance on “Hardball” when Matthews asked, “You worked for politicians, did they all insist on slavery?”

“Come on, you are talking to a woman of color here alright, nothing compares to what happened to my ancestors,” Tolliver shot back at Matthews.


But Matthews refused to relent, again pushing the notion that campaign work was akin to slavery.

“I’m serious, some bosses are notoriously bad to people and they do humiliate their people,” Matthews said.

“Still very short of slavery,” Tolliver responded.

Unwilling to let the slavery analogy die, Matthews then brought up President Lyndon B, Johnson, calling him an “an awful man” that “did treat his staff like slaves.”

“And the fact is, we didn’t hear about it until later,” Matthews added.

Matthews was roasted on social media for his tone-deaf remarks.

Another user called Matthews’ remarks “ill conceived.”

Still others called on MSNBC to get rid of the longtime host.

This was just the latest headache Matthews has caused for MSNBC, a network that typically caters to a more left-wing audience, to take some sort of action against Matthews. Last week, Matthews was forced to apologize after comparing the use of executive privilege to losing one’s virginity during a segment with Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris of California.

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