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Teen Who Became Trans Woman Now Prefers Living as a Diaper-Wearing Baby

Teen Who Became Trans Woman Now Prefers Living as a Diaper-Wearing Baby

A transgender woman revealed in an interview published Monday that she wears diapers full-time in an effort to relive her childhood. 

Camille Lola, a 21-year-old Switzerland native, told The Daily Star that she started off wearing diapers out of necessity: She has struggled with incontinence. But she soon embraced the practice as a hobby.

Lola said that regressing to age 3 gives her a chance to “correct my life.”

“I got into this community for a sad reason; when I was a kid, I wasn’t able to eat a lot of food because it was giving me diarrhea,” she recounted. “During my childhood, I had a lot of accidents at school, on holiday, with my family and I didn’t have many friends because of this.”

When she reached puberty, Lola said, she became interested in doing her early life over again. That led her to the “adult baby diaper lovers,” or ABDL community, which she said embraces “wearing nappies, playing with toys and so on.”

Also in her teens, Lola began transitioning from male to female, so, according to the British tabloid, “there was a lot on her mind.”

Lola shared that she likes to “switch from being an adult to a baby” but prefers the role of a “little” – a term for the submissive member in a Daddy Dom/Little Girl relationship.

“I’m a shy baby and I don’t talk a lot, but I laugh all the time when I’m in a really deep baby mood,” she said. “I play with my toys or watch cartoons, maybe I’ll need help to eat and I let the adult check and change my nappy. But every day is different.”

According to Lola, her parents and close friends are supportive of her “hobby,” but more distant relatives think she’s “crazy.”

Camille Lola, crazy?

Transgender rights activists have argued that being transgender is a foundational aspect of a person’s identity. They have thus rejected attempts to dismiss the condition as a kind of fantasy akin to denying one’s age or race.

However, critics of the movement have insisted that transgender people have a form of mental illness. Ben Shapiro, for example, told a group of Yeshiva University students in 2016 that affirming transgender identity was not “a solution.”

“Transgender people are unfortunately suffering from a significant mental illness that is deeply harmful, and it’s not a solution to pretend that transgender people are the sex that they think they are in their head,” he said.

Last week, the World Health Organization removed gender incongruence – a term it used to describe transgenderism – from its catalogue of mental health disorders.

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