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Elderly Man Tells Woman to Be Nicer to People – She Kills Him by Pushing Him Off Bus

“After he was pushed off the bus, he came here for a day or two and then his pain was so great he had to call an ambulance — went to the hospital.”

A disorderly woman who was reportedly screaming profanities on a city bus pushed an elderly man to his death in March after he requested she be nicer to her fellow passengers. Now, Las Vegas police have released surveillance footage of the incident, NBC affiliate KSNV reported.

CCTV video captured by the bus’ security cameras shows 25-year-old Cadesha Bishop pushing 74-year-old Serge Fournier, sending him crashing face-first down the steps, which caused him to smash his head on the concrete. Fournier, who used a walker in his daily life, was hospitalized for his injuries.

He died a month later of complications from the attack, according to the Clark County coroner. Police have charged Bishop with murder.

“Be nicer to passengers,” witnesses heard Fournier say before he was assaulted, KSNV reported. Police said Bishop ignored her victim, walking away holding her son’s hand after the attack.

Trevor Taylor, Fournier’s friend, expressed his outrage over the attack in an interview with KSNV.


“After he was pushed off the bus, he came here for a day or two and then his pain was so great he had to call an ambulance — went to the hospital,” Taylor told KSNV.

“No matter what his age, she should not have done that. People need a little more patience than what they have these days,” he added.

Another of Fournier’s friends told KSNV that the man’s death “caused several financial problems” for his wife, who is disabled.

The brutal attack comes after the high-profile death of an elderly man last week, which also stemmed from an incident on a city bus.

Michael Fife, a 62-year-old Utah man, died after being attacked last month in retaliation for an alleged sexual assault perpetrated on a 16-year-old girl, Fox affiliate KSTU reported.

Police have revealed that the alleged victim lied about the assault.

According to a Tuesday statement posted by the Logan City Police Department to Facebook, the girl called her 17-year-old brother immediately after the alleged assault took place. He tracked Fife down and attacked him, leaving the elderly man unconscious on the sidewalk before fleeing the scene. Witnesses called paramedics and Fife was transported to Logan Hospital before ending up at McKay-Dee Hospital.

Later in the day, the 16-year-old called police to report the alleged sexual assault. Logan Police detectives reviewed the footage but all they saw was Fife walking past the girl and determined that no assault took place.

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